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John 15 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus, Jalike Da Grape Vine

15 “Listen up. I da guy dat you guys stay tight wit. I jalike da grape vine, but me, I fo real kine. My Fadda, he jalike da farma guy dat take care da grape vine. All da peopo dat say dey stay tight wit me, but dey no do notting, my Fadda take um off, jalike da grape farma guy take off all da branches dat no mo fruit. An all da peopo dat stay tight wit me, he take away da junk kine stuff from inside dem, jalike wen da grape farma guy trim da branches so dey get plenny fruit.

“From da stuff I telling you, you guys stay clean inside awready, jalike da branches dey wen trim. Come tight wit me, jalike I stay tight wit you guys. Da branch no can make fruit if no stay tight wit da vine. Same ting, you guys no can do notting if you guys no stay tight wit me.

“Me, I jalike da grape vine, an you guys jalike da branches. Whoeva come tight wit me awready, an I stay tight wit dem, dey goin be jalike one branch dat get plenny fruit. Cuz you guys no can do notting if you no stay tight wit me. Whoeva no stay tight wit me, dey jalike one branch dat stay no good. Dass da kine branch peopo throw out, an da branch dry up. Den dey go get all da odda dry branches, an throw um inside da fire fo burn. If you guys stay tight wit me, an stick wit da tings I stay telling you guys, den you guys can aks God fo wateva you guys like, an he goin do um fo you guys.

“Dis how everybody goin know how awesome my Fadda stay, if you guys stay doing plenny good kine stuff, jalike da grape branches dat give plenny fruit. Dass how you guys goin show dat you my guys.

“Jalike da Fadda get love an aloha fo me, dass how I get love an aloha fo you guys. Hang in dea an stay tight wit me, so I can give you guys my love an aloha. 10 If you guys stay doing wat I tell you guys fo do, den you guys goin hang in dea an stay tight wit me fo shua, an I goin give you guys my love an aloha. Jalike I do wat my Fadda tell me fo do, an he stay give me plenny love an aloha.

11 “I wen tell you guys all dis stuff awready, so you guys can stay good inside yoa hearts, jalike I stay good inside. Den you guys goin stay good inside to da max. 12 Dis wat I tell you guys fo do: Get love an aloha fo each odda, jalike I stay get love an aloha fo you guys. 13 No mo nobody get mo love an aloha fo da odda guy, den da guy dat goin go mahke fo his friends. 14 You guys stay my friends, if you guys do da stuff I telling you guys fo do. 15 I no goin call you guys my worka guys no moa, cuz da worka guy no undastan wat his boss stay doing. But I call you guys my friends, cuz I wen tell you guys everyting dat my Fadda wen tell me. 16 You guys neva pick me. I wen pick you guys, an give you dis job: go do plenny good stuff dat stay long time, jalike one grape vine dat give plenny good fruit, long time. Den, anyting you aks my Fadda fo do cuz you my guys, he goin do um fo you. 17 So den, dis wat I tell you guys fo do: stay get love an aloha fo each odda.

Da Peopo Inside da World Hate Jesus Peopo

18 “If da peopo hea inside da world hate you guys, rememba dis: was me dey wen hate first. 19 If you guys wen do same ting jalike da odda guys inside da world, dey wen love you guys, cuz you guys jalike dem. But, you guys no stay jalike dem. I wen pick you guys fo come outa da bad kine stuff inside dis world. Dass why dey hate you guys.

20 “Rememba wat I wen tell you guys. Da worka guy not mo betta den his boss. If dey make me suffa, dey goin make you guys suffa too. If dey wen do wat I wen tell um fo do, dey goin do wat you guys tell um fo do too. 21 But dey goin do all dis stuff to you guys, jus cuz you my guys, an dey donno da One who wen send me hea. 22 If I neva come an talk to dem, dey neva tink dey doing bad kine stuff. But now, dey no can go do bad kine stuff an den say, ‘Eh, us guys neva know was bad!’ 23 Whoeva hate me, dey hate my Fadda too. 24 I wen do da kine stuff in front dem dat no odda guy wen eva do. If I neva do dat, den dey neva know dey doing da bad kine stuff. But now dey wen see me an my Fadda, an dey hate us both. 25 But all dis stuff wen happen, jalike dea Rules say, ‘Dey wen hate me fo notting.’

26 “Da Kokua Guy goin come. He da Spirit dat make you guys know da trut, an he come from my Fadda. Wen I go to my Fadda, I goin send his Spirit by you guys. He goin tell you guys wat he know bout me. 27 Same ting, you guys goin tell wat you know bout me too, cuz you guys wen stay wit me from da start.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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