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Jesus Guys 9 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Saul Wen Change

Saul still yet stay telling da peopo dat stay tight wit da Boss dat he goin kill dem. He wen go da Head Priest guy an wen tell him fo write lettas fo da Jewish churches Damascus side, so dat if he find some guys o wahines ova dea dat stick wit da Stuff bout Jesus, he can take dem inside da prison Jerusalem side.

Saul stay going on da road, an come near Damascus. An you know wat? Right den an dea one light from da sky wen flash aroun him. He wen fall down on top da groun, an hear one voice telling him, “Eh, Saul! Saul! How come you making me suffa?”

Saul wen aks, “Who you, Boss?”

Da voice wen say, “I Jesus, da Guy you stay make suffa. Now stand up an go inside da town, an somebody goin tell you wat you gotta do.”

Da guys dat wen go wit Saul wen stay dea an neva say notting. Dey wen hear da voice, but dey neva see nobody. Saul wen stand up, but wen he wen open his eyes, he no can see notting. So dey wen take him by da hand an dey all wen go inside Damascus. Fo three days he no can see notting. An all dat time he neva drink o eat notting.

10 Inside Damascus had one guy name Ananias dat wen stick wit da Good Stuff Bout Jesus. He wen see someting jalike one dream wea da Boss wen tell him, “Ananias!”

He say, “Yeah, Boss?”

11 Da Boss wen tell, “Go da guy Judas house on Strait Street, an tell him you like talk to one guy name Saul from Tarsus. He stay praying ova dea. 12 He wen dream an he see one guy name Ananias come an put his hands on top him an den his eyes come good again.”

13 Ananias say, “Boss, I hear bout dis guy plenny times. He do plenny bad kine stuff to da peopo Jerusalem side dat stay spesho fo you. 14 An da main priest guys wen give him power, an he wen come ova hea fo bus all da peopo dat aks you fo help dem.”

15 But da Boss wen tell Ananias, “Go! I wen pick dis guy fo tell who me to da peopos dat not Jews an dea kings an to da Israel peopo too. 16 An I goin show him how plenny he goin suffa cuz he my guy.”

17 Den Ananias wen go da house wea Saul stay, an go inside. He wen put his hands on top Saul, an say, “Brudda Saul, Jesus da Boss, da One dat wen show up by you wen you stay on da road coming ova hea, he wen send me by you, so you can see again, an so His Spesho Spirit goin take charge a you.” 18 Right den an dea someting jalike scales wen fall down from Saulʼs eyes, an he wen see again. He wen stand up, an Ananias wen baptize him. 19 Afta dat he wen eat, an come strong again.

Saul Tell Da Good Stuff Bout Christ Damascus Side

Saul wen stay litto wile inside Damascus wit da peopo dat trus Jesus. 20 Right den an dea he wen start fo tell da peopo inside da Jewish churches dat Jesus, he Godʼs Boy. 21 All da peopo dat wen hear Saul, wen blow dea minds, an dey wen tell, “Eh, wass dis? Dis da guy dat wen wipe out da peopo in Jerusalem dat aks da One name Jesus fo help um, yeah? An he wen come ova hea fo take dem to da main priest guys an throw dem inside jail, yeah?” 22 But Saul wen teach wit mo an mo power, an da Jewish peopo dat wen stay Damascus side wen come all mix up, cuz he show proof dat Jesus, he da Spesho Guy God Wen Send.

23 Plenny days lata, da Jewish guys wen come togedda fo talk how dey can kill Saul. 24 But Saul wen hear bout dat. Da Jewish guys stay watch da gates fo da town day an nite, so dey can kill him. 25 But nite time da guys dat wen stick wit Saul, wen put him inside one big basket, an wen let him down thru one puka in da wall nite time.

Saul Go Jerusalem

26 Saul go Jerusalem, an try fo go by da odda guys dat stick wit Jesus, but dey all scared him. Dey neva trus him dat he really stay tight wit Jesus. 27 But Barnabas, he wen take Saul an bring him by da guys Jesus wen send. He tell um dat Saul wen see da Boss Up Dea Inside Da Sky wen he stay going Damascus side, an da Boss wen talk to him. An inside Damascus he no scared fo use Jesus name fo do stuff. 28 Dass why Saul wen stay ova dea wit dem, an wen go all ova inside Jerusalem. He no scared fo use da Boss name ova dea too fo do stuff. 29 He talk wit da Jewish guys dat talk Greek, an wen try fo show um dat da Good Stuff Bout Jesus stay fo real. But dey wen make plan fo kill him. 30 Wen da bruddas wen find out bout dat, dey wen take Saul Cesarea side, an send him away Tarsus side.

31 Dat time nobody wen bodda da peopo dat wen come togedda fo church all ova Judea, Galilee, an Samaria. Dey wen trus God mo an moa, an Godʼs Spesho Spirit wen kokua dem. Mo an mo peopo wen trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus. An everyting dey wen do, dey do um an get respeck fo God.

Peter Go Lydda Side an Joppa Side

32 Peter wen go all ova dat place, an he wen go stay Lydda side wit da peopo dat stay spesho fo God ova dea. 33 Had one guy ova dea name Eneas. He one guy dat no can move. An he neva can get off his bed fo eight years. 34 Peter wen meet him an tell um, “Eh, Eneas, Jesus, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, he make you come good. Stand up an make yoa bed good.” Right den an dea Eneas wen stand up. 35 All da peopo dat stay Lydda side an Sharon side wen see um, an dey all wen trus da Boss right den an dea.

Da Wahine Name Dorcas

36 Had one wahine dat wen trus Jesus inside Joppa town. Her name Tabita. (In Greek talk her name Dorcas. Dat mean “one deer.”) Everytime she do good tings an help da poor peopo. 37 Dat time she wen come sick an wen mahke. Dey wen wash her body, an put um inside one room upstairs. 38 Lydda town stay near Joppa. Wen da guys dat stick wit Jesus wen hear dat Peter stay Lydda side, dey send two guys by him fo beg um, “Try come now!” 39 Peter wen go wit dem, an wen he come, dey take him upstairs to da room. All da widows stand aroun him, crying an showing him da shirts an coats Dorcas wen make wen she wen stay wit dem. 40 Peter tell dem all fo go outside. Den he wen go down on his knees an pray. He wen turn aroun by da mahke wahine, an say, “Eh Tabita! Stand up!” She wen open her eyes, an spock Peter, an wen sit up. 41 He wen take her hand an wen help her stand up. An he tell Godʼs peopo an da widows fo come, an he show um dat she stay alive. 42 All da peopo Joppa side wen hear bout dat, an plenny peopo wen trus da Good Stuff bout da Boss. 43 Peter wen stay Joppa side long time inside Simonʼs house, one guy dat work wit da leather.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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