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Jesus Guys 27 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Paul Sail To Rome

27 Da leadas say we goin sail Italy side, an dey wen hand ova Paul an some odda prisona guys to one captain name Julius from Cesarʼs army guys. We wen go inside one boat from Adramytium dat stay ready fo sail da port towns on da Asia coast, an we wen go out on da ocean. Aristarkus from Macedonia, Tessalonika side, wen go wit us. Da nex day we wen come Sidon, an we wen go on top da land. Julius wen like do someting good fo Paul, an he wen let um go by his friends so dey can take care him. We wen go from ova dea out on da ocean again an wen pass near Cyprus Island on da leeward side, cuz da wind wen blow agains us. We wen sail da deep ocean by da Cilicia an Pamfylia coast, an wen come Myra, Lycia side, an wen go on top da land. Ova dea da captain wen find one boat from Alexandria dat stay going Italy side, an he wen put us on top um.

Plenny days we wen go slow, an had hard time fo come by Knidus Island. Da wind neva let us go da way we like, so we wen sail by Crete Island, leeward side, unda Salmone Head. We wen get hard time wen we wen go by da coast side. An we wen come by one place dey wen call “Safe Harbor” near Lasea town.

We wen lose plenny time, an da Spesho Day Fo Pray An No Eat wen come awready. Da ocean wen stay too rough fo sail dat time. So Paul wen tell um, 10 “Eh, you guys. We betta not sail. I can see dat bumbye we goin get rough time. We goin lose da boat an all da stuffs, an all us too.” 11 But da captain neva like listen to Paul. He wen do wat da pilot an da boat owna say. 12 Dat port town no stay good fo da winta time, an almos all da guys wen tink mo betta fo go. Dey wen trus dat dey can come to Phoenix an stay ova dea winta time. Phoenix one port town Crete side dat face da soutwest an da nortwest.

Da Storm On Da Ocean

13 One soft wind wen start fo blow from da sout, an dey tink dass da one dey need. So dey wen pull up da anchor an wen sail close by da Crete coast. 14 afta litto wile one real strong wind wen blow on um from da island. Dat wind dey name “Da Norteast.” 15 Da storm wen grab da boat, an dey no can handle da boat in da wind, so den we wen give up, an da wind wen blow us. 16 Wen we wen pass by one small island name Cauda, on da leeward side, we almos no can bring da litto boat up. 17 Da guys wen bring um up on top da big boat, an dey wen tie da ropes good aroun da big boat fo hold um togedda. Dey scared dat dey goin scrape on da sand by Syrtis inside Africa. Dey wen put out da sea anchor an wen let da boat go wit da wind. 18 Da wind wen pound us real hard, an da nex day da guys wen start fo throw da stuffs ova inside da ocean. 19 Day numba three, da guys even wen throw da tackle fo da boat inside da ocean. 20 Plenny days da sun an da stars neva come out, an da storm still was going strong. An den we wen give up an tink we no goin come outa dis.

21 Da guys neva eat plenny days, an den Paul wen stand up in front dem an say, “Eh, you guys, you neva like listen to me wen I say we betta not sail from Crete. If you guys wen listen, we neva get all dis trouble an lose all da stuffs. 22 Now I beg you guys fo no give up, cuz you all goin come outa dis. We ony goin lose da boat. 23 I stay tight wit God an work fo him, you know. Last nite one angel messenja guy from God wen stand by me. 24 He say, ‘No scared, Paul. You gotta stand in front da Big King Cesar. God doing plenny good kine stuff fo you, an now he goin let all da guys dat sail wit you come outa dis okay. Dey no goin mahke.’ 25 You guys, try no give up. Cuz I trus God dat he goin do jalike wat he wen tell me. 26 But da boat goin get bus up on one island.”

27 Nite numba fourteen, da wind still wen blow us across da Adriatic Ocean. Bout midnite da sailor guys wen tink dey coming near one land. 28 Dey wen drop one line an wen find out dat da water stay one hundred an twenty feet deep. Afta litto wile dey wen find out dat da water stay ninety feet deep. 29 Dey wen come scared dat da wind goin pound us agains da rocks, an dey wen put down four anchors from da stern an wen pray dat da day time can come fast. 30 Da sailor guys wen try fo escape from da boat, an wen put da litto boat down inside da ocean. Dey wen ack like dey putting down da anchors from da front a da big boat. 31 Den Paul wen tell da captain an da army guys, “If dese guys no stay by da boat, you no goin come outa dis.” 32 So da army guys wen cut da ropes fo da litto boat an wen let da litto boat go.

33 Jus befo da sun wen come up, Paul wen beg da guys fo eat. He say, “Fourteen days you guys wen wait, an you neva eat notting. 34 Now I beg you guys fo eat someting. You need um fo stay alive. You guys no goin lose even one hair from yoa head.” 35 Wen he wen say dat, he wen take some bread an wen tank God in front all dem. Den he wen broke um an wen start fo eat. 36 Dat wen kokua dem, an dey all wen eat. 37 (Had two hundred seventy-six guys on top da boat.) 38 Wen dey wen eat all da stuff dey wen like, dey wen throw da grain inside da ocean an wen make da boat mo light.

Da Boat Bus Up

39 Wen da sun wen come up, dey neva know da land wea dey was. But dey wen spock one bay an one sandy beach. Dey wen tink stay mo betta fo make da boat eat it ova dea. 40 Dey wen cut da ropes fo da anchors an wen leave um inside da ocean. Same time dey wen hemo da ropes from da ruddas. Den dey wen raise all da sails in front to da wind an wen steer um to da beach. 41 But da boat wen hit one side current. Da front wen come stuck an no can move. Da back wen come all bus up cuz da surf wen pound um.

42 Da army guys wen like kill da prisona guys so dat dey no can swim away an escape. 43 But da captain wen like take Paul outa dea alive, so he neva let um. He wen tell da guys dat can swim fo jump ova inside da ocean first an swim to da land. 44 He wen tell da odda guys fo hang on da boards o da pieces from da boat. Dass how all da guys wen come to da land, an nobody wen mahke.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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