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Jesus Guys 15 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Dey Come Togedda In Jerusalem

15 Some guys dat trus Jesus wen come from Judea to Antiok an dey wen teach da bruddas an sistas. Dey say, “If you no cut skin jalike Moses wen tell our ancesta guys, you no can come outa da bad kine stuff you do.” Paul an Barnabas wen talk agains dat real hard wit dem. So da Antiok church leadas wen pick Paul an Barnabas an some odda guys dat trus Jesus fo go Jerusalem fo talk to da guys Jesus wen send an da older leadas bout dis cut skin stuff.

Da Antiok church guys wen send dem. Dey wen go thru Fonicia an Samaria, an dey wen tell da bruddas an sistas dea dat da peopo dat not Jews wen trus Jesus. All da bruddas an sistas wen stay good inside wen dey wen hear dat. Paul an Barnabas guys wen come Jerusalem. Da guys dat come togedda fo church, an da guys Jesus wen send, an da older leadas, dey all wen show dem aloha. An Paul an Barnabas wen tell um all da stuff God wen do wit dem. But some a da Pharisee guys dat wen trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus wen stand up an say, “Da guys dat not Jews, no matta dey trus Jesus, dey gotta cut skin an do all da odda stuff Moses wen write down inside da Rules.”

Da guys Jesus wen send an da older leadas wen come togedda fo talk bout dat. Dey talk fo long time, an den Peter wen stand up an tell um, “Bruddas, you know dat befo time God wen pick me fo go tell da peopo dat not Jews da Good Stuff Bout Jesus so dey can trus him. God, he know wat stay inside us. He show us dat he wen take in da peopo dat not Jews, cuz he wen make his Spesho Spirit take charge a dem, jalike he wen do fo us. God see dem da same, jalike he see us. He wen make dem clean inside, cuz dey wen trus him. 10 Now, how come you guys try find out if God really mean dat he see dem da same jalike us Jewish peopo? Why you guys put hard kine rules on top da guys dat stick wit Jesus? You guys know dat we an our ancesta guys neva can do um. 11 No can! We trus dat we wen come outa da bad kine stuff we do, not cuz we do wat da Rules say, but cuz da Boss Jesus wen do plenny good tings fo us, jalike he wen do fo da peopo dat not Jews.”

12 All da guys wen come quiet fo listen wen Paul an Barnabas tell um bout all da awesome stuff God wen do fo show his power wen dey stay wit da peopo dat not Jews. 13 Wen dey pau talk, James say, “Bruddas, listen to me. 14 Simon Peter wen tell us bout da time God wen show he stay care fo da peopo dat not Jews, cuz he wen pick some peopo fo himself from dem guys. 15 Da guys dat wen talk fo God long time ago, dey say da same ting. Dey wen write dis down inside da Bible, dat God say:

16 ‘Afta dis I goin come back
    An I goin make Davidʼs ohana come good one mo time,
Jalike wen dey fix up one poho house.
17 Den all da odda peopos,
    Dey can look fo da Boss,
An all da peopo dat not Jews dat stay mines,
    Dey can look fo me too.
18 Dass wat da Boss say.
    He da One dat do all dis stuff
An he wen tell us dis long time ago.’ ”

19 An James say dis too: “Dass why I tink mo betta we no put rules dat goin make um mo hard fo da diffren peopos dat not Jews fo trus God. 20 Mo betta we write um one letta fo help da Jews an da odda peopo get togedda. We tell um fo

no eat da food da peopo wen give to da idol kine gods, an
no fool aroun, an
no eat da meat from da animals dey wen choke, an
no eat da blood too.

21 Cuz da Rules Moses wen write down, get peopo teach dat stuff in all da towns from long time ago, an dey read um in all da Jewish churches every Rest Day.”

Da Letta Fo Da Peopo Dat Not Jews Dat Trus Jesus

22 Den da guys Jesus wen send, an da older leadas, an all da Jerusalem church guys, dey wen pick some a dea own guys fo send um Antiok wit Paul an Barnabas. Dey wen pick Judas Barsabbas, an Silas, two guys dat wen lead da bruddas an sistas. 23 Dey wen send dis letta wit dem:

“Dis letta from da guys Jesus wen send, an from da older leadas. We stay yoa bruddas. Aloha fo all you bruddas an sistas dat not Jews dat stay Antiok town, an Syria, an Cilicia. 24 We hear dat some guys wen go by you guys from ova hea, but we neva send um. Dey wen bodda you guys, an wat dey wen say bout gotta cut skin, wen make you guys all mix up. 25 So, us guys wen talk togedda, an tink stay good fo pick some guys fo send um by you guys, wit our good friends Barnabas an Paul. 26 Barnabas an Paul almos wen mahke cuz dey stick wit da Boss Jesus, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. 27 Dass why we send Judas an Silas so dey can tell you guys dat wat we wen write stay true. 28 Godʼs Spesho Spirit an us guys tink no good fo us put hard kine rules on top you guys, ony dis: 29 No eat da meat from da sacrifices dey wen make fo da idol kine gods, no eat blood, o da meat from da animal dey wen choke, an no mo fool aroun. You guys goin do good if you no do dat kine stuff. Dass all.”

30 Dey wen send da guys, an dey wen go Antiok town. Dey wen tell all da church guys fo come togedda, an dey give um da letta. 31 Da peopo wen read um an dey stay good inside, cuz da letta wen kokua dem. 32 Judas an Silas, dey wen talk fo God. So dey kokua da bruddas an sistas fo come strong, an wen help um trus God moa. 33 Dey wen stay dea long time, an den da bruddas wen send um back wit aloha so dey can go by da guys dat wen send um befo. 34 [But Silas wen like stay ova dea.] 35 Paul an Barnabas wen stay Antiok town. Dem an plenny odda guys, dey wen teach wat da Boss Jesus wen say an tell da Good Stuff From God.

Paul An Barnabas Split Up

36 Afta long time Paul wen tell Barnabas, “We go back an stay wit da bruddas an sistas in all da towns wea we wen teach wat da Boss wen say, so we know how dey stay.” 37 Barnabas wen like take John Mark wit dem. 38 But Paul neva like take um, cuz John Mark wen go way from dem befo, in Pamfylia, an neva work wit dem from dat time. 39 Paul an Barnabas no can tink da same way, an dey wen talk hard. So dey wen split up. Barnabas wen take da guy Mark an wen sail up Cyprus side. 40 Paul wen take Silas an wen go way, an da bruddas an sistas wen aks God fo take care dem wit his aloha. 41 Paul dem wen go Syria an Cilicia, an wen kokua da church guys.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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