“Behold, the (A)days are coming,” declares the Lord,
“When I will raise up for David a righteous [a](B)Branch;
And He will (C)reign as king and [b]act wisely
And (D)do justice and righteousness in the land.
“In His days Judah will be saved,
And (E)Israel will dwell securely;
And this is His (F)name by which He will be called,
‘The (G)Lord our righteousness.’

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  1. Jeremiah 23:5 Lit Sprout
  2. Jeremiah 23:5 Or succeed

25 “I will make a (A)covenant of peace with them and (B)eliminate harmful beasts from the land so that they may (C)live securely in the wilderness and sleep in the woods. 26 I will make them and the places around My hill a (D)blessing. And I will cause (E)showers to come down in their season; they will be showers of (F)blessing. 27 Also the tree of the field will yield its fruit and the earth will yield its increase, and they will be (G)secure on their land. Then they will know that I am the Lord, when I have (H)broken the bars of their yoke and have delivered them from the hand of those who enslaved them. 28 They will no longer be a prey to the nations, and the beasts of the earth will not devour them; but they will (I)live securely, and no one will make them afraid.

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