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27 Kill all the young men in Babylon.
    Let them be slaughtered like bulls.
How terrible for them that their day of defeat has come!
    It is time for them to be punished.
28 People are running out of Babylon.
    They are escaping from that country and coming to Zion.
They are telling everyone the good news about what the Lord is doing.
    The Lord our God is giving Babylon the punishment it deserves.
The Lord is destroying Babylon,
    because it destroyed his Temple!

29 “Call for the archers.
    Tell them to attack Babylon.
Tell them to surround the city.
    Don’t let anyone escape.
Pay her back for the bad things she has done.
    Do to her what she has done to other nations.
Babylon did not respect the Lord.
    Babylon was very rude to the Holy One of Israel.
    So punish Babylon.

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27 Kill all her young bulls;(A)
    let them go down to the slaughter!(B)
Woe to them! For their day(C) has come,
    the time(D) for them to be punished.
28 Listen to the fugitives(E) and refugees from Babylon
    declaring in Zion(F)
how the Lord our God has taken vengeance,(G)
    vengeance for his temple.(H)

29 “Summon archers against Babylon,
    all those who draw the bow.(I)
Encamp all around her;
    let no one escape.(J)
Repay(K) her for her deeds;(L)
    do to her as she has done.
For she has defied(M) the Lord,
    the Holy One(N) of Israel.

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