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28 So the people in the land will cry for the dead.
    The sky will grow dark.
I have spoken and will not change.
    I have made a decision, and I will not change my mind.”

29 The people of Judah will hear the sound
    of the horse soldiers and the archers,
    and the people will run away!
Some of them will hide in caves;[a]
    some will hide in the bushes;
    some will climb up into the rocks.
All the cities of Judah will be empty.
    No one will live in them.

30 Judah, you have been destroyed.
    So what are you doing now?
Why are you putting on your best red dress?
    Why are you putting on your gold jewelry?
Why are you putting on your eye makeup?
    You make yourself beautiful,
    but it is a waste of time.
Your lovers hate you.
    They are trying to kill you.

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  1. Jeremiah 4:29 hide in caves This is from the ancient Greek version.

28 Therefore the earth will mourn(A)
    and the heavens above grow dark,(B)
because I have spoken and will not relent,(C)
    I have decided and will not turn back.(D)

29 At the sound of horsemen and archers(E)
    every town takes to flight.(F)
Some go into the thickets;
    some climb up among the rocks.(G)
All the towns are deserted;(H)
    no one lives in them.

30 What are you doing,(I) you devastated one?
    Why dress yourself in scarlet
    and put on jewels(J) of gold?
Why highlight your eyes with makeup?(K)
    You adorn yourself in vain.
Your lovers(L) despise you;
    they want to kill you.(M)

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