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16 Send lambs to the ruler of the land
from Sela in the desert
to the mountain of the Daughter of Zion.
For like fluttering birds,
    scattered from a nest,
so will the daughters of Moab be
    at the fords of Arnon.
‘Give counsel, execute justice.
Cast your shadow like night at noonday.
Hide the refugees,
    do not betray the fugitive.
Let My refugees stay with you.
Be for Moab a hiding place
    from the face of the destroyer.
For the extortion is at an end,
    devastation ceases,
    oppressors are gone from the land.

A throne will be established in mercy,
and One will sit on it in truth
—in the tent of David—
One who seeks justice
    and is ready for righteousness.[a]

We have heard of the pride of Moab—
    very proud is he—
    of his haughtiness, his arrogance, his insolence,
    and his dishonest boasting.
Therefore Moab will wail for Moab—
    everyone will wail!
For the sweet cakes of Kir-hareseth
    you will moan, utterly stricken.
For the fields of Heshbon have withered,
    as well as the vine of Sibmah.
Rulers of nations have trampled the choice clusters,
    that reached as far as Jazer and into the desert,
    its branches spread out
    and crossed to the sea.
Therefore I will weep bitterly for Jazer,
    for the vine of Sibmah.
I will drench you with my tears,
    O Heshbon and Elealeh.
For on your summer and your harvest
    the battle cry has fallen.
10 Gladness and joy are taken away from the fruitful field.
In the vineyards, no singing for joy no happy shouting,
    no treading wine in the presses.
I have made the shouting stop.
11 Therefore my heart moans for Moab
    like a lyre,
and my inward part for Kir-heres.
12 So it will be, when Moab is
weary upon the high place
and comes to his sanctuary to pray,
it will do him no good.

13 This is the word that Adonai spoke concerning Moab in the past. 14 But now Adonai has spoken, saying: “Within three years (as with the years of a hired worker), the glory of Moab will be disgraced; for all his large population, the remnant will be very small and feeble.”


  1. Isaiah 16:5 cf. Luke 1:32.

16 Send lambs(A) as tribute(B)
    to the ruler of the land,
from Sela,(C) across the desert,
    to the mount of Daughter Zion.(D)
Like fluttering birds
    pushed from the nest,(E)
so are the women of Moab(F)
    at the fords(G) of the Arnon.(H)

“Make up your mind,” Moab says.
    “Render a decision.
Make your shadow like night—
    at high noon.
Hide the fugitives,(I)
    do not betray the refugees.
Let the Moabite fugitives stay with you;
    be their shelter(J) from the destroyer.”

The oppressor(K) will come to an end,
    and destruction will cease;(L)
    the aggressor will vanish from the land.
In love a throne(M) will be established;(N)
    in faithfulness a man will sit on it—
    one from the house[a] of David(O)
one who in judging seeks justice(P)
    and speeds the cause of righteousness.

We have heard of Moab’s(Q) pride(R)
    how great is her arrogance!—
of her conceit, her pride and her insolence;
    but her boasts are empty.
Therefore the Moabites wail,(S)
    they wail together for Moab.
Lament and grieve
    for the raisin cakes(T) of Kir Hareseth.(U)
The fields of Heshbon(V) wither,(W)
    the vines of Sibmah(X) also.
The rulers of the nations
    have trampled down the choicest vines,(Y)
which once reached Jazer(Z)
    and spread toward the desert.
Their shoots spread out(AA)
    and went as far as the sea.[b](AB)
So I weep,(AC) as Jazer weeps,
    for the vines of Sibmah.
Heshbon and Elealeh,(AD)
    I drench you with tears!(AE)
The shouts of joy(AF) over your ripened fruit
    and over your harvests(AG) have been stilled.
10 Joy and gladness are taken away from the orchards;(AH)
    no one sings or shouts(AI) in the vineyards;
no one treads(AJ) out wine at the presses,(AK)
    for I have put an end to the shouting.
11 My heart laments for Moab(AL) like a harp,(AM)
    my inmost being(AN) for Kir Hareseth.
12 When Moab appears at her high place,(AO)
    she only wears herself out;
when she goes to her shrine(AP) to pray,
    it is to no avail.(AQ)

13 This is the word the Lord has already spoken concerning Moab. 14 But now the Lord says: “Within three years,(AR) as a servant bound by contract(AS) would count them,(AT) Moab’s splendor and all her many people will be despised,(AU) and her survivors will be very few and feeble.”(AV)


  1. Isaiah 16:5 Hebrew tent
  2. Isaiah 16:8 Probably the Dead Sea