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30 [a] “This will be your reminder that I have spoken the truth:[b] This year you will eat what grows wild,[c] and next year[d] what grows on its own. But the year after that[e] you will plant seed and harvest crops; you will plant vines and consume their produce.[f]

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  1. Isaiah 37:30 tn At this point the word concerning the king of Assyria (vv. 22-29) ends, and the Lord again addresses Hezekiah and the people directly (see v. 21).
  2. Isaiah 37:30 tn Heb “and this is your sign.” In this case the אוֹת (ʾot, “sign”) is a future reminder of God’s intervention designated before the actual intervention takes place. For similar “signs” see Exod 3:12 and Isa 7:14-25.
  3. Isaiah 37:30 sn This refers to crops that grew up on their own (that is, without cultivation) from the seed planted in past years.
  4. Isaiah 37:30 tn Heb “and in the second year” (so ASV).
  5. Isaiah 37:30 tn Heb “in the third year” (so KJV, NAB).
  6. Isaiah 37:30 tn The four plural imperatival verb forms in v. 30b are used rhetorically. The Lord commands the people to plant, harvest, etc. to emphasize the certainty of restored peace and prosperity.