10 Then one of them said, “I will surely return to you about this time next year,(A) and Sarah your wife will have a son.”(B)

Now Sarah was listening at the entrance to the tent, which was behind him. 11 Abraham and Sarah were already very old,(C) and Sarah was past the age of childbearing.(D) 12 So Sarah laughed(E) to herself as she thought, “After I am worn out and my lord(F) is old, will I now have this pleasure?”

13 Then the Lord said to Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh and say, ‘Will I really have a child, now that I am old?’(G) 14 Is anything too hard for the Lord?(H) I will return to you at the appointed time next year,(I) and Sarah will have a son.”(J)

15 Sarah was afraid, so she lied and said, “I did not laugh.”

But he said, “Yes, you did laugh.”

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