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From James 1 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)


Aloha! Dis me, James, da guy dat work fo God an fo Jesus Christ, da Good Boss. I writing dis letta fo Godʼs peopo from da twelve Jewish ohana, dat stay scatta all ova da world.

You Like Know Wat Fo Do? Trus God!

My bruddas an sistas! Feel real good inside everytime you feel like you get hard time fo do wat God like you guys do. Cuz you know, afta you guys go thru all dat real hard time, an you guys still yet trus God, den dat goin make you guys hang in dea mo betta. Wen you guys hang in dea all da way, dat goin make you guys grow up an come mo strong inside, jalike you suppose to, so dat you guys no need notting moa.

If one a you guys donno wat fo do, aks God fo help, fo give you da smarts you need! He no goin give you guys hard time. He goin help you guys. God give plenny to everybody, you know. But if you goin aks him fo someting, you gotta trus him. No ack like you no can make up yoa mind. Da guy who not shua, he jalike one wave inside da ocean dat da wind stay blow all ova da place. Da bugga ack like he get two brains, you know. He everytime no can make up his mind da way he tinking bout doing tings. Dat bugga betta not tink he goin get someting from da Boss, cuz he not.

Da Poor Peopo an da Rich Peopo

Da brudda dat no mo notting, he can feel good inside, cuz he know dat wit God, he importan. 10 Da brudda dat stay rich, he can feel good inside too, cuz he know dat da rich kine stuffs he get, no goin stay foeva, an he goin mahke too, jalike da wild flower dry up. 11 Da sun go up an come real hot, an make da plant dry up. Den da flower fall down, an da plant no look nice no mo. Same ting fo da rich brudda -- he stay making his money, but still yet, he goin mahke.

All da Good Kine Stuff Come From God

12 Wen one guy hang in dea, no matta he get presha fo do someting bad, he can stay good inside. He goin get da kine life dat God wen promise to da peopo dat get love an aloha fo him. Dass jalike God give him da prize, cuz he wen fight da bad kine stuff, an win! 13 Wen you get presha fo do someting bad, an you tinking, “Eh, I like do dat!” no go say, “God da One making me do dat.” No mo nobody can make God do bad kine stuff, an even moa, he no goin make nobody do bad kine stuff. 14 Az our own fault wen we start fo tink, “Eh, I like do da bad kine stuff!” Cuz da bad tinking pull us all ova. We come jalike da fish dat go afta da bait. 15 Cuz first we tink, “Eh, I like do um,” an den we go do um. Jalike da hapai wahine too, she no can stop da baby wen ready fo come. Same ting, we no can stop doing da bad kine stuff. An dass wat goin cut us off from God.

16 Eh my good friends! No let nobody bulai you guys. 17 Everytime somebody give you someting nice an spesho, all dat come from yoa Fadda up dea inside da sky. He wen make all da lights inside da sky -- da sun, an moon, an stars. But God no change jalike da tings inside da sky. 18 God wen plan dis fo us: He tell us guys wass true. Az how he wen give us his kine life. From all da tings he wen make hea inside da world, he make us guys spesho kine, jalike us da bestes fruits, da kine dat da farma guy pick first fo make present to God.

Wen God Talk, You Betta Listen an Do Um!

19 Eh, my good friends! Rememba dis: You guys know dis stuff awready. Weneva you hear somebody talk, everybody gotta listen real good first befo dey talk. Dat way, dey no get all huhu quick time. 20 Cuz wen you come all huhu, dat no help you fo do da right kine stuff God say you suppose to do. 21 So den, throw out all da pilau kine stuff, an da bad kine stuff dat stay all ova da place. No get big head. Mo betta listen to wat God say. He wen put da tings he say inside you guys awready, an dass strong nuff fo take you guys outa da bad kine stuff you stay in.

22 An no ony listen to da tings God say, now. You guys gotta do um! Cuz if you ony listen, you ony fooling yoaself. 23 Da guy who ony like hear, an no like do notting, he jalike one guy dat check out his face inside da mirror. 24 An wen da guy go way, awready he no can rememba wat kine face he get. 25 But everyting God tell his peopo dey gotta do, dass perfeck, cuz dass wat can hemo you from all da bad kine stuff. So den, if you go check out real good da Rules from God, an no foget wat you wen hear, an stay do um, eh! you goin feel real good inside cuz you stay doing um.

26 If one guy figga he everytime do wat God like, but no can hold back his mout, his religion wase time, cuz he ony fooling himself! 27 God our Fadda, he tink lidis: Da guy dat stay religious fo real kine, an no do notting pilau, he da one goin kokua da peopo dat get hard time -- da kids dat no mo fadda o mudda, an da wahines dat no mo husban fo take care dem. Dat kine guy, he no goin let da peopo inside da world make him do bad kine stuff.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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