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From JudeHawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)


Aloha! Dis me, Jude. I James brudda, you know. An I one worka fo Jesus Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send.

I writing dis letta fo you guys. God da Fadda wen tell you guys fo come by him an be his guys. He get plenny love an aloha fo you guys dat stay tight wit him, an Jesus Christ take good care you guys. I like God everytime give you guys plenny chance, an make you guys hearts rest inside, an give you real plenny love an aloha.

God Goin Punish Da Bad Kine Guys

My friends, I wen like write you guys real bad, fo tell you guys mo bout how God wen take all us guys outa da bad kine stuff. But now, I gotta write you guys dis: God wen teach da peopo dat stay spesho fo him, ony one time, fo all time, da stuff you guys wen trus. An you guys gotta fight fo no lose all dat.

Cuz get some bad kine guys dat wen sneak inside awready wit you guys. Da Bible wen say from long time ago, how dey goin make lidat. Dem guys ack like God no matta. Dey take all da good tings our God stay doing, an try change all dat so dey can go buckaloose an make any kine how dey like. Get ony one Boss, our Boss Jesus Christ, an dey say he no good. Da Bible wen say, dat kine peopo goin get punish.

I figga lidis: I know you guys know all dat stuff awready, but I like make you guys tink bout da time da Boss wen take da peopo outa Egypt so dey no gotta go back eva, den afta dat, he wen wipe out da peopo dat neva trus him. Same ting wit some angel messenja guys, da one dat neva like stick wit da kuleana dat God wen give um. God wen give um dea own place fo stay, but dey wen bag. Now dey all tie up wit chains foeva. An dey down dea inside da Deep Dark Hole. Den wen da big day come, God goin judge dem. An same ting wit da peopo from Sodom an Gomorrah an all da odda towns aroun dea. Dey wen fool aroun an dey even go cruising fo da angel guys. God wen use dem fo show everybody dat he can punish, cuz he punish dem foeva wit fire.

Same ting wit dem bad kine guys nowdays! Dey say dat, cuz dey wen dream um, okay fo dem do bad kine stuff wit dea own body. Dey no like listen to nobody dat get da right fo be da boss. An dey talk stink bout da peopo dat stay awesome. Neva was lidat, wit Michael, da main angel guy. He was fighting wit da Devil bout da body afta Moses wen mahke, but he no dare poin finga da Devil an talk bad to him. He ony tell da Devil, “I like da Boss tell you, ‘No good wat you doing!’ ”

Dey Goin Wipe Out

10 But dose buggas, dey everytime talk stink bout wateva dey no undastan. Jalike da wild animals, dey no tink wen dey do tings. An dat kine stuff goin wipe dem out. 11 Auwe! Dey goin get it! Dey going down da same road jalike Cain. Dey go do any kine dey like fo make money, jalike Balaam. Dey goin wipe out, jalike Korah, wen he wen go up agains Moses.

12 Wen you guys stay eating togedda cuz you get love an aloha fo each odda, dose buggas mess you guys up. Dey ony come by you guys fo eat an party up. Dey ony care fo demself. Dey no shame. Dey say an no do, jalike da clouds dat no mo water an da wind blow um away. Dey jalike trees dat no mo fruit wen pick fruit time. Jalike somebody wen pull up da tree by da roots, an mahke awready. 13 Dem guys ony do shame kine stuff, jalike wen da big kine choppy waves in da storm throw up all kine junk stuff. Dey jalike da stars dat no go wea dey suppose to. God get one place fo dem. Dey goin stay dea fo eva, inside da real dark place.

14 Adam wen get one boy, an dat boy wen get one boy, an dat boy wen get one boy. Six times dat wen happen, an den Enok wen born. You know, Enok wen talk bout dis kine bad guys long time ago. He say,

“Listen, da Boss goin come
    Wit tousands an tousands a his spesho guys.
15 He da Judge.
    Everybody goin stand in front him,
An he goin show all da bad kine stuff dey wen do,
    Da guys dat no mo respeck fo him.
Dey ack like God no matta.
    But God, he goin show all da bad kine stuff
Da da guys dat no respeck him wen say agains him.”

Dass wat Enok wen say.

16 Dose guys, dey ony like grumble an blame all da odda peopo. Dey go do any kine how dey like. Dey talk big bout demself. Dey talk good bout da odda peopo, fo make da odda peopo do good kine tings fo dem.

Watch Out!

17 But now, my friends, rememba da guys da Boss Jesus Christ wen send, wat dey wen tell goin happen. 18 Dey wen tell you guys, “In da last times goin get guys goin come dat make fun a da Good Stuff From God. Dey goin do any kine how dey like.” 19 Dose guys come by you guys an split you guys up. Dey no mo Godʼs Spirit inside, ony dea own spirit. Dey ony like do da kine stuff from dis world. 20 My friends, you guys no make lidat. Make yoaself come strong inside, an trus God, cuz you guys trus da spesho stuff from God. Pray wit da power Godʼs Spesho Spirit give you guys. 21 Wateva you guys do, rememba how plenny love an aloha God get fo you guys. Hang in dea an wait, cuz our Boss Jesus Christ give you guys chance. He goin take you guys all da way, so you guys can live to da max foeva.

22 Give um chance to da guys who not shua dey trus God. 23 You guys gotta give da odda guys chance so dey no wipe out, jalike you try take someting outa da fire so no burn up. But watch out you no do da pilau kine stuff jalike dey do.

God Stay Good an Awesome

24 God, he can help you guys no do da bad kine stuff.
    He awesome!
He can bring you guys in front him
    An make you no mo bad kine stuff,
An you stay feel real good inside.
25     He da ony God!
He da One wen take us outa da bad kine stuff.
    We gotta tell how awesome he stay.
He da Big King,
    An he get all kine power fo do anyting.
Our Boss Jesus Christ wen make everyting right
    Befo time,
    An now,
    An foeva.
Dass right!

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Copyright © 2000 by Wycliffe Bible Translators International. All rights reserved


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