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From James 5 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Trouble fo Da Rich Peopo

Eh! You rich peopo! Listen! Mo betta you cry plenny now, an feel sad! Cuz bumbye, you goin suffa plenny fo shua. All da rich kine stuff you get, auwe! awready no good. Yoa clotheses, auwe! da bugs wen eat um up awready. All da gold an silva stuff you get, auwe! awready get rust all ova. Wen you guys stand in front God da Judge, dat rust goin be jalike one picha fo show everybody how you guys stay pilau inside, an dat goin eat up yoa body jalike da fire. Da world goin pau, you know! But still yet, you guys like stash plenny stuffs fo yoaself!

Tink bout da guys dat wen work hard inside yoa fields. You guys was suppose to pay dem fo da work dey wen do, but you guys neva. Dat show real clear how bad you guys stay. Da same guys dat wen cut da ripe food, dey stay make big noise. But you know wat? Da Boss Fo All Da Armies inside da sky, he stay listen to dem! You guys party up all da time hea inside dis world, an you guys tink you gotta get ony da bestes kine stuffs fo yoaself. You guys jalike da cows. You stay eat all day an make yoaself all fat, fo da time dey goin take you guys to da slaughterhouse! You guys, you make trouble wit da judge fo da peopo dat do da right ting everytime, an den you kill um. An dey no fight back.

Hang In Dea an Pray

But eh, bruddas an sistas! Hang in dea, till da Boss Jesus come back.

Tink bout da farma guys. Dey wait fo dea plant fo come up outa da groun, you know. Dey gotta hang in dea from da time dey put da seed inside da groun, till get da first rain, to da last rain.

You guys, same ting. Hang in dea! Stay strong inside! Almos time fo da Boss Jesus fo come back. Eh bruddas an sistas, no grumble agains each odda. Bumbye Jesus da Judge goin check you guys out. He stay ready fo come back!

10 Eh bruddas an sistas! Tink bout da guys dat wen talk fo da Boss long time ago. Dey wen suffa plenny, but dey wen hang in dea. So, make jalike dem. 11 You know wat? Wen we tink bout da peopo dat suffa, an den no give up, we say, dey can stay good inside. You rememba da guy Job dat da Bible wen tell bout? He wen suffa plenny, but he neva give up. An bumbye da Boss wen make everyting good. Cuz da Boss feel pity fo us, an give us chance.

12 Main ting, my bruddas an sistas, no go say, “I swear to God fo make promise.” Wen you make promise, no go say “I swear to God by da earth dat I goin do um.” An no go say “I swear to God by da sky” o by any odda ting. Mo betta, ony say “Yeah” wen you mean yeah, an “No” wen you mean no. O if not, bumbye God da Judge goin punish you.

13 Anybody ova dea by you guys get trouble? Good dey pray! Anybody feel good inside? Good dey sing to God! 14 Anybody sick? Good dey aks da older church leadas fo come by dem, pray fo dem, an put olive oil on top dem, an use da Boss Jesus name wen dey do all dat, cuz dey his guys. 15 An wen da leada guys pray an trus da Boss, dat goin make da sick guy come good. Da Boss goin make him get up. If he wen do someting bad, da Boss goin let um go fo dat, an hemo da shame from him. 16 So den, if you wen do someting bad, go tell each odda wat kine tings you wen do. Pray fo each odda, so dat you goin come good. Da guy dat get um right wit da Boss an do right, wen he pray, he get power an can do plenny.

17 Elijah was jalike us guys. One time, he wen pray real hard an aks God fo hold back da rain. An God wen hear him an wen do um. Dass why neva had rain ova dea fo three an a half years, dat time. 18 Den he wen pray one mo time, an wen rain. An dey wen plant seed, an bumbye, had plant come up outa da groun.

19 Eh, bruddas an sistas! If one a you guys start fo do da wrong ting an go way from wass true, an one nodda guy help him fo come back, an do da right ting, dass good. 20 Rememba dis: if you help anodda guy who wen do someting bad fo come back to God an no do bad kine stuff, you goin save da guy so he no get cut off from God, an God goin hemo all da shame fo da bad kine tings dat guy wen do, an let um go.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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