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Fo Da Rome Peopo 7 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Afta You Mahke, Da Rules No Mo Power

Eh, all you bruddas an sistas dat undastan how da Rules stay. I like tell you guys dis: from all da time you stay alive, da Rules get power ova you. But afta you mahke, da Rules no mo power ova you. Da Rules say, if get one wahine dat stay married to one guy, she gotta stick wit da guy da whole time he stay alive. But if da husban mahke, den she no need do wat da Rules fo da husban an da wife say. If she go live wit one nodda guy, an her husban alive still yet, dass mean she one wahine dat fool aroun behind her husbanʼs back. But den, if her husban stay mahke, den da Rules fo da husban an da wife no mo notting fo do wit her no moa. An if she go marry one nodda guy, dat mean she no go fool aroun behind her mahke husbanʼs back.

Same ting wit you guys, my bruddas an sistas! Christ wen go mahke, his body, everyting. Same ting jalike you guys wen mahke awready, so now da Rules no mo notting fo do wit you guys. Dass why now you guys can come his guys, an stay tight wit dis guy Christ dat wen come back alive afta he wen mahke. All dis jalike dat wahine can marry one nodda guy now, an no mo problem. So now, wat you do an how you ack, everyting fo God.

Befo time, us guys wen ony like do da kine bad stuff our bodies wen like do. Cuz we wen know da Rules, we wen like go agains um, an dat ony wen make us guys da kine peopo dat do wat we not suppose to. From dat, wat we wen do an how we wen ack dat time, everyting was fo cut us guys off from God. Befo time we gotta do wat da Rules say. Now we no need, cuz jalike we wen mahke awready. Da old way, da Rules inside da Bible neva let us go. But da new way, us guys get Godʼs Spirit in charge a us! Az why us guys can work fo God now.

Da Bad Kine Stuff Dat Stay Inside Us

So den, wat mo we can say? Da Rules no good, o wat? Not even! If I neva undastan da Rules, den no way I go undastan wat kine stuff stay bad inside me. Jalike I neva know I not suppose to like get odda peopoʼs stuffs fo myself, if da Rules neva say, “No like get odda peopoʼs stuffs fo yoaself.” But cuz da Rules wen say dat, den dass jalike da bad kine stuff inside me wen make me like get all kine stuffs fo myself. If neva have da Rules, da bad kine stuff no mo power ova peopo.

Da way I wen stay live befo time, I neva know da Rules. Den bumbye, I wen find out dat God wen say dat get tings I not suppose to go do -- an right den an dea, jalike all da bad kine stuff inside me wen wake up an make me go do dose tings! 10 Den, az jalike I wen mahke inside. Had da Rules so dat peopo can come alive fo real kine. But den fo me, jalike was da Rules dat wen cut me off from get um right wit God. 11 Da Rules wen tell how I gotta make awready. But had inside me bad kine stuff dat wen use da Rules dat God say fo bulai me. Cuz a dat, jalike was da Rules dat wen cut me off from get um right wit God.

12 But den same time, da Rules stay spesho fo God, an everyting da Rules say we gotta do, all dat stay spesho fo God, stay right, an good.

13 Da Rules stay some good. But you tink was da Rules wen cut me off from get um right wit God? Not even! Was da bad kine stuff inside me dat wen go use da Rules fo cut me off from God. Da Rules stay good, but dey show dat da bad kine stuff stay bad fo real kine, an dey cut us off from get um right wit God. So wen God say how us guys gotta make, dat show dat da bad kine stuff inside us no good!

Da War Inside Us

14 We know dat da Rules come from Godʼs Spesho Spirit. But me, I ony one guy. I make jalike I one slave dat gotta do ony bad kine stuff. 15 I donno wat I stay doing. Cuz, eh, I no do da tings I like do. I do da tings dat I no like. 16 If I do da tings I no like do, den I know dat da Rules stay good. 17 Cuz dass not me dat do um, but da bad kine stuff dat stay inside me stay do um.

18 I know dat no mo notting good inside me. Everytime inside me I like do da bad kine stuff. I like do da good kine stuff, but den, I donno how fo do um! 19 Da good kine stuff dat I like do, I no do um. But da bad kine stuff I no like do, I do um. 20 Now, wen I do wat I no like, az not me dat make me do um, but da bad kine stuff dat stay inside me.

21 Dat show, jalike wen get one rule dat say, wen I like do da good kine stuff, get da bad kine stuff inside me dat no like me do um. 22 I stay real good inside wen I tink bout da Rules from God. 23 But jalike get one diffren kine rule inside me dat everytime jam me up. Da way I tink, I like do wat stay good, but I no can. Jalike da bad kine rule stay inside my body, an stay make me one prisona dat jus gotta go do any kine bad kine stuff.

24 Auwe! I stay all sore inside! Jalike no mo nobody dat can take me outa da bad kine stuff befo all dat go cut me off from God! 25 But you know wat? God, he da One dat can get me outa dat! Mahalo plenny to God cuz our Boss Jesus Christ can do um! So dis how I stay: My own self, I stuck. No matta my head like do everyting Godʼs Rules say fo do -- da way I stay inside, jalike get one nodda rule dat say I gotta do bad kine stuff.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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