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Fo Da Rome Peopo 14 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

No Judge Yoa Brudda-Sista Guys

14 Wen get one guy dat trus God but he not strong inside yet, dass okay. But no go make argue bout wat he tinking. Jus let um hang out wit you guys. Get some peopo, dey trus God, an dey shua dat dey can eat any kine, meat o watevas. Get odda peopo dat no stay strong fo trus God, an dey no eat meat, ony vegable kine stuff. Eh! da guy dat eat any kine stuffs jalike meat an watevas, he betta not ack like he mo betta den da guy dat no eat meat. Same ting, dat guy dat no eat meat, he betta not go tell da guy dat eat meat, “Eh, az wrong fo you do dat, you know.” Cuz God wen let um come be his guy awready!

Eh, wat make you tink you get right fo say dat da odda guy stay wrong? He no work fo you! Somebody else stay da Boss fo him. His Boss da ony One dat can tell um strait wen he stay okay o wen he stay mess up. But you know wat? Dat guy goin be okay, cuz da Boss stay plenny strong fo make dat guy come okay, az why.

Same ting, get some guys, dey tink dat one day mo spesho den da oddas. Get odda peopo, dey tink every day same ting, no mo diffrence. Everybody gotta figga strait out how he tink. Da guy who tink dat get some days dat stay mo spesho den oddas, he make um spesho fo show respeck fo da Boss. Da guy who eat meat an all kine stuffs, he eat um fo show respeck fo da Boss. An you know dat, cuz he da one dat tell God, “Mahalo plenny!” Same ting, da guy dat no eat meat, he do um fo show respeck fo da Boss too, an he tell God, “Mahalo plenny!”

Eh, you know, wit us guys, wen we stay alive, we no live jus our own self. Wen we mahke, same ting, we no mahke jus our own self too. Wen we live, we stay tight wit da Boss. Same ting, wen we mahke, we stay tight wit da Boss too. So no matta we stay alive o mahke, everytime he stay our Boss. Dass how come Christ wen go mahke, an den wen come back alive. He wen do dat so he can be da Boss fo da peopo dat mahke awready, an same ting fo da peopo dat stay alive too.

10 So, how come you try ack jalike one judge an say yoa brudda o sista stay wrong? How come you make um jalike dey stay no good? Eh, bumbye all us guys gotta go in front God da Judge, fo him fo judge us, you know. 11 Da Bible wen say befo time,

“Da Boss tell:
    ‘Fo shua I stay alive.
An fo shua,
    Everybody goin go down on top dea knees in front me
    Fo show dey get respeck fo me.
Dey goin tell wit dea mout
    Dat dey know I dea Boss, cuz I stay God.’ ”

12 So den, all us guys gotta tell God how come we wen do da tings dat we wen do.

No Do Notting Dat Goin Make Yoa Bruddas An Sistas Mess Up

13 So pau awready poin finga da odda peopo. Mo betta figga lidis: no good we do tings dat goin make our bruddas an sistas mess up. No good we go try fo trap um so dey do da bad kine stuff.

14 I know dis fo shua, cuz I stay tight wit da Boss Jesus: No mo notting dat make peopo so dey no can pray. But if one guy tink someting make him so he no can pray, den goin be kapu fo him. 15 So if you go eat meat, an cuz a dat, you make yoa brudda o sista hurt plenny inside, eh, you no mo love an aloha fo dem, o wat? Eh! No go jam up da odda guy, jus fo eat wat you like. Cuz you know, Christ wen mahke fo dat guy too! 16 No good if you go do someting dat you figga stay okay, but same time peopo talk stink bout wat you stay doing.

17 Eh listen! God stay King, but you no stay da Kingʼs guy jus cuz you like eat o drink wateva you like. If you stay da Kingʼs guy, you do da right tings, an yoa heart stay rest inside, an you stay good inside. Cuz dass wat goin happen wen you stay tight wit Godʼs Good an Spesho Spirit. 18 Anybody dat stay make like how I stay telling you, cuz dey da ones dat get Christ fo dea boss, dey goin make God stay good inside. Odda peopo goin check um out dat dey okay, an get respeck fo dem.

19 So den, we gotta try hard fo make shua we do da kine stuff dat make everybody stay good wit each odda, an we gotta go help each odda fo come mo strong inside. 20 Eh, no go bus up da kine stuff God stay do fo our bruddas an sistas, jus cuz you like eat any kine food. Fo shua, God say everyting stay okay fo eat, but den, if you go eat da kine stuff dat make hard time fo somebody, az bad, you know, wen you do dat kine.

21 Mo betta no eat da kine meat, o no drink da kine wine, o da odda kine stuffs dat goin make big problem fo yoa brudda o yoa sista. 22 Dis wat I mean: wen you an God go make um strait inside yoa mind how you goin trus him, dat dis kine food okay fo you fo eat, den you goin be good inside, cuz same time you no goin tink dat maybe you doing someting wrong. 23 If you no stay shua bout wat you can go eat, but den still yet you go eat um, God goin say you wen do someting wrong, cuz you neva trus God wen you do um, az why. Wen you go do someting, an you no mo trus fo God, az wrong.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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