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Fo Da Hebrew Peopo 3 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Godʼs Boy Mo Importan Den Moses

Bruddas an sistas, you guys real spesho fo God in da sky. He wen tell all you guys fo come be his guys, an you guys wen come awready. So tink bout Jesus! Us guys like tell all da peopo dat he da Guy dat God wen send fo tell peopo wat God say, an he da Head Priest fo us guys. God wen send Jesus, an Jesus wen do everyting God wen trus him fo do. Jalike Moses wen do everyting God wen trus him fo do wit all Godʼs peopo. Jesus stay mo awesome den Moses. Az jalike da guy dat wen build one house suppose to get mo respeck den da house he build. Every house, you know, get somebody dat wen build um. But God da One wen make everyting.

Moses was one worka guy fo God. He wen take care everyting dat God wen trus him fo do wit all Godʼs peopo. Dat wen show da peopo wat God was goin talk bout bumbye. But Christ, he da Faddaʼs Boy, an cuz a dat, he stay in charge a Godʼs peopo. An you know, us guys Godʼs peopo. If we hang in dea, an no mo shame fo come tight wit God, we everytime goin talk bout da good kine stuffs we stay waiting fo God fo do bumbye.

God Make His Peopo Rest

So, jalike Godʼs Spesho Spirit wen say inside da Bible,

“Today, wen God tell you guys someting,
    No come hard head,
Jalike yoa ancesta guys wen do
    Dat time dey wen go agains Moses,
    Ova dea inside da boonies.
Dey even wen try fo push God hard
Fo see if he goin bus um.”

God wen say,

“Yoa ancesta guys wen check me out.
    Fo find out if I goin bus um.
Den fo forty years dey wen see wat I do.
10 Cuz a all dat, dass why I wen had it
    Wit da peopo dat wen go agains Moses.
I wen say, ‘Dem guys get bad kine attitude.
    Dey everytime go agains me.
    Dey neva like listen to me.’
11 Wat dem guys wen do, I no take dat.
    So, I wen make one strong promise:
‘No way dem guys eva goin go inside
    Da land I wen like give um fo rest!’ ”

12 Eh, bruddas an sistas, watch out! Make shua dat nobody get pilau kine attitude, da kine wea dey no trus God, an da kine attitude wea dey no goin like bodda wit da God dat stay alive fo real kine. 13 Mo betta dis: all you guys go give each odda good kine words. Do dat every day. Cuz now, dass da “Today” God talking bout inside da Bible. Den no goin get nobody wit you guys dat goin come all hard head. Cuz you know, da bad kine stuff goin bulai you guys, an make you guys come hard head. 14 You know, God wen make all us guys stay tight wit Christ. But we gotta hang in dea an stay trussing God all da way, jalike wen we wen trus him da first time.

15 Jalike da Bible wen say,

“Today, wen God tell you guys someting,
    No go come hard head,
Jalike yoa ancesta guys wen do,
    Dat time dey wen go agains Moses.”

16 Who da peopo he talking bout dat wen go agains Moses, afta dey wen hear wat he say? Az was all da peopo dat Moses wen bring outa Egypt. 17 An wen God tell, “Forty years, I wen had it wit dem guys!” who he talking bout? Az was da peopo dat wen go do bad kine stuff, an bumbye dey wen all mahke in da boonies, an dea bodies wen stay dea. 18 Who da peopo God talking bout wen he wen make dis strong promise: “No way dem guys eva goin go inside da land I like give um fo rest”? Az was da peopo dat no like listen him. 19 Now us guys can figga how come dem guys no can “go inside da land God like give um fo rest.” Cuz dey neva trus God, dass why.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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