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27 I will put my Spirit within you;[a] I will take the initiative, and you will obey my statutes[b] and carefully observe my regulations.[c]

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  1. Ezekiel 36:27 tn Or “in the midst of you.” The word “you” is plural.
  2. Ezekiel 36:27 tn Heb “and I will do that which in my statutes you will walk.” The awkward syntax (verb “to do, act” + accusative sign + relative clause + prepositional phrase + second person verb) is unique, though Eccl 3:14 contains a similar construction. In the last line of that verse we read that “God acts so that (relative pronoun) they fear before him.” However, unlike Ezek 36:27, the statement has no accusative sign before the relative pronoun.
  3. Ezekiel 36:27 tn Heb “and my laws you will guard and you will do them.” Jer 31:31-34 is parallel to this passage.