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20 When everything was quiet, Paul called the disciples. He talked to them so they would not be afraid. Then he said goodbye and left. He went to Macedonia.

He went through that country and talked to the people. He helped them to believe more strongly. Then he went to Greece.

He stayed there for three months. When he was ready to go to Syria by boat, he heard that the Jewish leaders were planning to catch him. So he said, `I will go back through Macedonia.'

Some men went with him as far as Asia Minor. They were Sopater from Berea, Aristarchus and Secundus from Thessalonica, Gaius from Derbe, and Timothy, and also Tychicus and Trophimus from Asia Minor.

These went on ahead and waited for us at Troas.

After the days of the Passover Feast, we left Philippi by boat. Five days later we met them in Troas. We stayed there for seven days.

7-8 n the first day of the week the disciples met together to break bread. Paul was ready to leave the next day. He talked a long time to the people at the meeting until long into the night. They were gathered in an upstairs room with many lights.

A young man named Eutychus sat in the window. He became very sleepy. When Paul kept talking so long, Eutychus was very deep in sleep and fell down from the third floor. When the people picked him up he was dead.

10 Paul went down stairs. He lay on him and put his arms around him. `Do not fear,' he said. `He is alive.'

11 Then Paul went upstairs again. He broke bread and ate some food. He talked for a long time, until daybreak. After that, he left.

12 The people took the young man. They were very glad because he was alive.

13 We went by boat to the town of Assos. We were going to meet Paul there and take him on the boat. He told us to do that because he wanted to walk.

14 We met him at Assos, took him on the boat, and went to Mitylene.

15 Then we went by boat the next day and came to Chios. The next day we passed the town of Samos. We reached Miletus on the third day.

16 Paul decided not to stop at Ephesus. He did not want to spend time in Asia Minor. He kept going as fast as he could, because he hoped to be at the feast in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost.

17 He sent a message from Miletus to Ephesus to call the leaders of the church to come to him.

18 When they came, he said, `You know how I have lived all the time that I have been with you. I lived that way from the first day I came into Asia.

19 You know how I have served the Lord without being proud. And I have even cried for you. I served the Lord when I had troubles and when the leaders of the Jews tried to catch me.

20 I have not feared to tell you everything that would help you. I have taught you in meetings and in your homes.

21 I have told both the Jews and the Greeks to stop doing wrong things. I have told them to believe in our Lord Jesus Christ.

22 `And now I feel in my spirit that I must go to Jerusalem. I do not know what will happen to me there.

23 But in every city the Holy Spirit tells me I will be put in prison. I will have much trouble.

24 But none of these things trouble me. I do not try to save my life. All I want is to finish what I must do with joy. The work which the Lord Jesus gave me is to tell the good news that God is kind.

25 I know that you all will never see me again. I have told you about God's kingdom.

26 So I tell you today that if any one is lost, it is not my fault.

27 I have not feared to tell you all that God wants you to know.

28 `The Holy Spirit has made you leaders over his people. Watch yourselves. Like one who takes care of his sheep, so you must take care of the church people. They are the Lord's people. He gave his blood for them.

29 I know this, that there are people as bad as wild animals. After I leave you, they will come to you. They will trouble God's people.

30 Also, some men will come from among you. They will teach things that are not true. They want people to follow them.

31 So then, watch and remember this. For three years, through the night and in the day, I told every one of you to be careful. I even cried as I told you.

32 `And now, my brothers, I give you to God. I leave with you his word which brings blessing. That word is able to make you strong. It will give you your share in the good things of God promised by him. He gives these good things to people who are pure and holy.

33 I did not want anyone to give me money or clothes.

34 You yourselves know that I worked with my own hands to pay for the things that I and my friends needed.

35 I have always shown you that you must work hard, as I have. You must help those who cannot work. By so doing you are remembering the words of the Lord Jesus. He said, "It makes you more happy to give something than to get something." '

36 When Paul had said this, he kneeled down and talked to God with them all.

37 They all cried much. They put their arms around his neck and kissed him.

38 They were sad most of all because he had said they would not see him again. And they went with him to the boat.