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Of course, I really do not need to write to you about the money to be given to God's people.

I know that you wanted to help. I am proud to tell the people of Macedonia about you. I tell them, `The people in Greece have been ready for a year.' And what you did has made most of them want to do something too.

But I am sending these brothers so that what we have said about you will be true in this way. I want you to be really ready with the gift, just as I said you would be.

If some men from Macedonia come with me and see that you are not ready, then we will be ashamed, and you too. We will be ashamed that we were so sure.

So I thought it would be good to send these brothers to you first. They will get this gift ready which you promised. Then it will be ready like a gift, and not as if you were forced to give it.

Here is something to remember. `The man who plants a little bit will get only a little from it. The man who plants much will get much from it.'

Everyone should give what he wants in his heart to give. He should be glad to give it, and should not give it because he was forced to give. `God loves a person who gives gladly.'

God is able to give you even more blessings than you need. In all things you will always have all you need for yourselves, and you will have enough to help all others.

The holy writings say, `A good man gives away many things. He gives to the poor people. He will always be a good man in the sight of God.'

10 God is the one who gives seed to plant and bread to eat. He will give you enough to give away and will make it become more and more. Of the good things you do he will give you a big harvest.

11 You will become rich in every way. And then you will have enough to give plenty to all people. And many people will thank God for your gifts which we will bring them.

12 This gift of money will help to give God's people what they need. It will also make many people thank God.

13 This gift will prove something to them. They will praise God because you obey the good news of Christ. They will praise God because you have given this gift to help them and all the others.

14 They will love you and talk to God about you, because God has blessed you very much.

15 Thank God for his gift so great that no words can ever tell it all!