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19 that is hōs, God theos was eimi in en Christ Christos reconciling katallassō the world kosmos to himself heautou, not counting logizomai their autos trespasses paraptōma against them autos. · ho And kai he has entrusted tithēmi us hēmeis with en the ho message logos of ho reconciliation katallagē. 20 Therefore oun we are ambassadors presbeuō for hyper Christ Christos, as hōs though · ho God theos were making parakaleō his appeal through dia us hēmeis. We implore deomai you on behalf of hyper Christ Christos, “ Be reconciled katallassō to ho God theos.” 21 He made poieō him ho who knew ginōskō no sin hamartia to be a sin-offering hamartia for hyper us hēmeis, so that hina in en him autos we hēmeis might become ginomai the righteousness dikaiosynē of God theos.

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