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For gar we know oida that hoti if ean · ho our hēmeis earthly epigeios house oikia, the ho tent skēnos we live in , is taken down katalyō, we have echō a building oikodomē from ek God theos, a house oikia not made with hands acheiropoiētos, eternal aiōnios, in en the ho heavens ouranos. For gar indeed kai in en this houtos tent we groan stenazō, longing epipotheō to put on ependyomai · ho our hēmeis heavenly ek dwelling oikētērion place , · ho so that ei after we have taken off endyō our earthly house we will heuriskō not ou be found heuriskō naked gymnos. · kai For gar while we ho remain eimi in en this ho tent skēnos, we groan stenazō and are burdened bareō, not ou because epi hos we want thelō to be unclothed ekdyō, but alla clothed ependyomai, so that hina what ho is mortal thnētos may be swallowed up katapinō by hypo · ho life zōē. The ho · de one who prepared katergazomai us hēmeis for eis this very autos thing houtos is God theos, who ho gave didōmi us hēmeis the ho Spirit pneuma as ho a pledge arrabōn. Therefore oun we are always pantote confident tharreō, · kai knowing oida that hoti while we are at home endēmeō in en the ho body sōma we are away ekdēmeō from apo the ho Lord kyrios, for gar we live peripateō by dia faith pistis, not ou by dia sight eidos. Thus de we are confident tharreō and kai would eudokeō rather mallon be away ekdēmeō from ek the ho body sōma and kai at home endēmeō with pros the ho Lord kyrios. So dio then kai we make it our goal philotimeomai, whether eite at home endēmeō or eite away ekdēmeō, to be eimi pleasing euarestos to him autos. 10 · ho For gar we hēmeis must dei all pas appear phaneroō before emprosthen the ho judgment bēma seat of ho Christ Christos, so that hina each one hekastos may be repaid komizō · ho according to pros what hos he has done prassō while dia in the ho body sōma, whether eite good agathos or eite bad phaulos.

11 Therefore oun since we know oida the ho fear phobos of the ho Lord kyrios, we attempt to persuade peithō others anthrōpos; we stand open phaneroō to God theos, · de and de, I trust elpizō, also kai to en · ho your hymeis conscience syneidēsis. 12 For we are synistēmi not ou again palin recommending synistēmi ourselves heautou to you hymeis but alla giving didōmi you hymeis an occasion aphormē to boast kauchēma on hyper our hēmeis behalf, so that hina you may be able echō to answer pros those ho who boast kauchaomai of what en is seen prosōpon and kai not of what is in en the heart kardia. 13 For gar if eite we are out of our minds existēmi, it is for God theos; if eite we are of sound mind sōphroneō, it is for you hymeis. 14 For gar the ho love agapē of ho Christ Christos controls synechō us hēmeis, since we have concluded krinō this houtos: that hoti one heis has died apothnēskō for hyper all pas; therefore ara · ho all pas have died apothnēskō. 15 And kai he died apothnēskō for hyper all pas so that hina those ho who are living zaō might zaō no longer mēketi live zaō for themselves heautou but alla for the ho one who died apothnēskō for hyper them autos and kai was raised egeirō. 16 So hōste from apo now nyn on we hēmeis · ho regard oida no one oudeis according kata to the flesh sarx. Even kai though ei we once regarded ginōskō Christ Christos according kata to the flesh sarx, yet alla now nyn we regard ginōskō him in that way no longer ouketi. 17 Therefore hōste if ei anyone tis is in en Christ Christos, there is a new kainos creation ktisis; what ho is old archaios has passed parerchomai away ; behold idou, what is new kainos has come ginomai! 18 · ho And de all pas this is from ek · ho God theos, who ho has reconciled katallassō us hēmeis to himself heautou through dia Christ Christos and kai given didōmi us hēmeis the ho ministry diakonia of ho reconciliation katallagē; 19 that is hōs, God theos was eimi in en Christ Christos reconciling katallassō the world kosmos to himself heautou, not counting logizomai their autos trespasses paraptōma against them autos. · ho And kai he has entrusted tithēmi us hēmeis with en the ho message logos of ho reconciliation katallagē. 20 Therefore oun we are ambassadors presbeuō for hyper Christ Christos, as hōs though · ho God theos were making parakaleō his appeal through dia us hēmeis. We implore deomai you on behalf of hyper Christ Christos, “ Be reconciled katallassō to ho God theos.” 21 He made poieō him ho who knew ginōskō no sin hamartia to be a sin-offering hamartia for hyper us hēmeis, so that hina in en him autos we hēmeis might become ginomai the righteousness dikaiosynē of God theos.

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