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Servants should respect their bosses in every way. Then people will not say wrong things about God's name and what we teach.

Those who work for Christian masters should not take life easy just because the person they work for is a Christian. They should work all the better because they are loved by them. Teach these things and tell people to do them.

Is there anyone who teaches something different? Or is there anyone who does not agree with the true words of our Lord Jesus Christ? Or does he not agree with teaching about the things of God?

If there is such a person, he is full of pride. He knows nothing. He wants to quarrel and talk about words. Such things make people jealous of each other. They think wrong thoughts about each other which are not true.

They quarrel. The minds of these men are bad. They do not know what is true. They think that worshipping God makes people rich. Keep away from such people.

It is true that people are much better off if they live to please God and if they are satisfied.

When we were born, we brought nothing into this world, and when we die, we can take nothing out of the world.

If we have food and clothes, that should be enough.

People who want to be rich have trouble. They get caught in a trap. They want many foolish things which are wrong for them. Because of this, men are lost and punished for ever.

10 Because people love money they do all kinds of wrong things. Some people have stopped believing in God because they want money so much. And it brings them many troubles.

11 But you belong to God, Timothy. Have nothing to do with all this. But do what is right. Do what God wants you to do. Believe in Christ. Be loving. Be patient. Be kind.

12 Work hard at believing in God more and more. Make sure that you get everlasting life; God called you to have it. You stood before many people and said that you believed in Christ. That was the right thing to say.

13 Now we stand before God who gives life to all things. We stand before Christ who said what was right when he was in court before Pontius Pilate. I tell you to do this.

14 Do what you have been told to do. And do it so there will be nothing wrong, until our Lord Jesus Christ comes.

15 At the right time God will bring Christ back. Praise God! He alone is ruler. He is King over all kings, and Lord over all lords.

16 He alone has everlasting life. He lives in such light that no one can go near him. No person has ever seen him, or can see him. May he have honour and respect and have everlasting power. May it be so!

17 Tell the rich people in this world not to be proud. Tell them to trust in God not in short-lived riches. He gives us richly all things to make us happy.

18 Tell the rich people to do good. Tell them to do many good things. Tell them to give to other people, and to help those who are in need.

19 In this way they will store up good things for themselves for the time to come. Then they will get that life which really is the true life.

20 Timothy, take good care of what has been given to you. Some teachers say they know many things, but these things are not true. Do not teach these foolish things that do not come from God. Do not teach these things that do not agree together.

21 Some men have believed these things and have stopped believing in Christ. May God bless all of you.