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First of all, I want God's people to do this. They must talk to God for all the people. They must ask God to help them. They must ask God to give them what they need. They must thank God for all that he gives them.

They must talk to God for all the kings and all rulers. They must do this so that we may live in peace and quiet, so that we may please God and do what is right.

This is a good thing. And God, our Saviour, is pleased when people do it.

He wants all people to be saved and to know what is true.

There is one God. There is also one man who can open the way between God and all people. That man is Christ Jesus.

He gave his life to set all men free. This matter was told at the right time.

I was chosen to tell about this and to be an apostle. I am telling the truth. I am not lying. I was chosen to teach people who are not Jews. I must teach them to believe and to know what is true.

So I want men in every place to talk to God. They must have clean lives when they lift up their hands to talk to God. They must not be angry. They must have faith in God.

I also want women to wear the right kind of clothes. They should not make a show of themselves, but use good sense. They should not fix up their hair in a fancy way, or wear gold and fine stones, or clothes that cost much money.

10 But women should busy themselves with good works. This is the right thing for women who say they worship God.

11 A woman must learn quietly and be very humble.

12 I do not allow any woman to teach or to rule over a man. She must remain quiet.

13 Adam was not fooled. But the woman was fooled and did wrong.

14 But anyway, the women will come safely through the time of delivering a child, if they keep on believing and loving God, and if they live a clean life and keep humble.