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Now here is what I say about food given to idols. We all know something about this matter. Yet knowledge makes us proud. Love is the real teacher.

If anyone thinks he knows much, then he does not know what he really should know.

But if anyone loves God, then God knows him.

So here is what I say about eating food that has been given to idols or false gods. We know that an idol really is nothing in this world. There is only one true and living God.

There are things in the sky and on earth which are called gods. Yes, there are many gods and lords.

Yet for us there is only one God. He is the Father. All things come from him. He is the one for whom we live. And there is only one Lord. He is Jesus Christ. He made all things. He is the one who gives us life.

But not every Christian knows these things. Some of them have always believed in idols. And when they eat food which has been given to an idol, they think the food belongs to the idol. And because they are weak Christians they feel they do wrong when they eat it.

One thing is sure, food will not bring us closer to God. If we eat it, it will not make us right with God. And if we do not eat, it will not make us wrong.

Perhaps you feel it is all right for you to do it. But be careful! It might make the weak Christian do wrong.

10 You know it is not wrong for you to eat these things. But if a weak Christian sees you eating in the idol's house, he will also want to eat food that has been given to an idol. He will do what is against his own belief.

11 You know the truth, and yet your knowledge will make your weak brother do wrong. You have hurt the faith of a brother, for whom Christ died.

12 In this way you do wrong to your brother. You hurt him because he is weak. And in so doing you do wrong to Christ.

13 If eating such food makes my brother do wrong, I will never eat it. I do not want my brother to do wrong.