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凡事大有好处,第一是神的圣言交托他们。 即便有不信的,这有何妨呢?难道他们的不信就废掉神的信吗? 断乎不能!不如说,神是真实的,人都是虚谎的。如经上所记:“你责备人的时候显为公义,被人议论的时候可以得胜。” 我且照着人的常话说,我们的不义若显出神的义来,我们可以怎么说呢?神降怒是他不义吗? 断乎不是!若是这样,神怎能审判世界呢? 若神的真实因我的虚谎越发显出他的荣耀,为什么我还受审判,好像罪人呢? 为什么不说“我们可以作恶以成善”呢?这是毁谤我们的人说我们有这话。这等人定罪是该当的。

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Much in every way!(A) First of all, the Jews have been entrusted with the very words of God.(B)

What if some were unfaithful?(C) Will their unfaithfulness nullify God’s faithfulness?(D) Not at all! Let God be true,(E) and every human being a liar.(F) As it is written:

“So that you may be proved right when you speak
    and prevail when you judge.”[a](G)

But if our unrighteousness brings out God’s righteousness more clearly,(H) what shall we say? That God is unjust in bringing his wrath on us? (I am using a human argument.)(I) Certainly not! If that were so, how could God judge the world?(J) Someone might argue, “If my falsehood enhances God’s truthfulness and so increases his glory,(K) why am I still condemned as a sinner?”(L) Why not say—as some slanderously claim that we say—“Let us do evil that good may result”?(M) Their condemnation is just!

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  1. Romans 3:4 Psalm 51:4