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1 Chronicles 23:28–29

Who were these people, and how is it that they got recognized in the Bible? These individuals were the little people who attended to the daily worship operations of Israel. The fact that this and the next few chapters detail the responsibilities of such people is important for us today. This listing clearly indicates that God uses all kinds of people for his service. God not only honors the big names of this world, he also honors the millions who work quietly, day by day, doing what needs to be done to build his kingdom.

As you continue to seek God, try to discover which of your abilities can be used in his service. Are you a skilled carpenter? Perhaps you could work on a low-income housing project. Do you operate a business? Maybe you could help someone find the right job. Do you have a knack for taking care of children? Why not take some pressure off of that struggling single parent down the street? Whatever your talent, God wants to use it for his service.

Taken from NIV The NIV Journey Bible

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