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Putting Christ Back in Christmas
by Sheri Rose Shepherd

...For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor... — Isaiah 9:6

I was raised in what America calls a broken home and I do not have any Christmas memories because I was raised Jewish.

I am a first generational Christian and for 10 years I lost my family because of my faith. Today my entire Jewish family is born again and I have the opportunity to instill new family traditions that will live on long after I'm gone. This week I am so excited to talk to you about creative ways to instill faith in your family and put the focus back on Jesus. Watch the video to discover new ways to create family traditions, everlasting memories and how to leave a legacy that will last through the generations that follow your life.

God's Letter to You

I believe if The Lord was going to write you a personal letter about battles this life brings it may read like this....

My Daughter,

I have chosen you to bear much fruit with your life, but apart from Me you will be powerless and unproductive. No matter how much you love others and want to see them grow, that will not happen apart from Me. My Son is your lifeline and your vine. You are My beautiful branch, and if you will stay connected to Me, My Spirit will flow through you in ways that will bring amazing growth to you and to My Kingdom. Fruit that is seeded by My Holy Spirit will bring a great harvest. When I am the vinedresser, the fruit is sweet and a reflection of all I am in you. There is nothing more delightful than a fruitful life, so stay connected to My vine. Then watch the beautiful fruit that grows from your faithfulness to Me, as well as the fruit that bursts forth in the hearts of those you watered with My Word.

Your God and Vinedresser

Treasure of Truth

The branches that are most beautiful are those connected to the true Vine... Jesus.

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