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Blog / New Children’s Bible Includes 1,000 Bible Quiz Questions: An Interview with Troy Schmidt

New Children’s Bible Includes 1,000 Bible Quiz Questions: An Interview with Troy Schmidt

Troy SchmidtQuizzing can be a fun way to learn unfamiliar topics. That concept is now applied in a Bible specifically designed for kids ages 8-12.

The full-feature NIV Kids’ Quiz Bible (Zonderkidz, 2018) offers children a challenging experience as they delve into the Bible. On each page are quiz questions for readers to uncover answers in all the books of the Bible. Questions such as, “What did God create on the third day?” “What were the first clothes in the Bible made from?” “Who committed the first murder in the Bible?”

Buy your copy of the NIV Kids' Quiz Bible in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy low prices every dayIt also includes a pronunciation guide for difficult to pronounce names, like Methuselah (Meh-THU-sah-la), Japheth (JA-fifth), and Manasseh (Muh-NASS-uh). The Bible is the complete text of the New International Version (NIV) Bible translation.

Bible Gateway interviewed editor Troy Schmidt (@troyeschmidt) about the NIV Kids’ Quiz Bible.

What makes this kids Bible different from other Bibles?

Troy Schmidt: The NIV Kids’ Quiz Bible has a trivia question on every page of the Bible. With over 1,000 questions, it’s full of interesting information to stir a child’s curiosity about the Bible.

Most Bibles have something at the beginning of the book and on an occasional page here or there…but every page? This Bible was designed to interact with the child. It’s not something that will just sit on the shelf and collect dust, but be used to challenge and inspire a child to look through page after page of God’s Word.

What will this Bible teach children?

Troy Schmidt: The NIV Kids’ Quiz Bible will teach kids the facts about the Bible. It’ll create a curiosity about every page of the Bible, as kids search to find the answers. People know about the Bible and can maybe name a handful of books. It shows kids that there are interesting facts in all 66 books of the Bible.

Why should parents buy this Bible?

Troy Schmidt: Parents should always be looking for a way to get their child into the Bible so the Bible can get into their child’s heart. The NIV Kids’ Quiz Bible uses the quiz function to get them to turn to every page, discovering not only facts, but truths.

How should this Bible best be used to get the most out of it?

Troy Schmidt: Both kids and their parents will learn and discover while reading this Bible together. Let’s be honest, most parents admit they don’t know the Bible as well as they should. This Bible gives them a tool to self-teach while they teach their children. A parent should turn to a page, read a question, and let the child find the answer. This will create discussion and hopefully deeper understanding.

What is a favorite Bible passage of yours and why?

Troy Schmidt: Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Many times in my life I felt God had given up on me. But I leaned on this verse to remind myself that I have a purpose. This Bible is a dream come true and proved to me that I should never give up on writing. God’s plans are always best.

What are your thoughts about Bible Gateway and the Bible Gateway App?

Troy Schmidt: I use the Bible Gateway App all the time. So easy to use and accessible because I have my phone with me all the time. As for Bible Gateway, it’s open all the time on my computer when I’m studying the Bible or writing about it. It’s helped me find the perfect verse in no time.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Troy Schmidt: We don’t just want kids to read the Bible. We want them to search the Bible for answers. Later in life when they’re in a tough place, it’ll hopefully be the Bible where they go to and discover a way out of darkness and into the light. I want the NIV Kids’ Quiz Bible to plant that seed and create a habit of seeking and finding when they open the pages of the Bible.

NIV Kids’ Quiz Bible is published by HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., the parent company of Bible Gateway.

Bio: Troy Schmidt, editor of the NIV Kids’ Quiz Bible, is a writer with credits in publishing, television, and video. Some of the highlights of his career include producer of The American Bible Challenge, writer of the Hermie & Friends series by Max Lucado, and writer for The Mickey Mouse Club. Troy is a campus pastor at First Baptist Church of Windermere, FL, where he has worked since 1997. He has written a number of books for children and inspirational books for adults.

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