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Blog / New: Short, Inspirational Christmas Devotions from Max Lucado and More

New: Short, Inspirational Christmas Devotions from Max Lucado and More

Now that Advent is here, several of our Christmas devotionals are officially underway! And since they’ve only just started, it’s not too late to sign up for them—see our Christmas Newsletters page to read about and sign up for our Christmas devotions! They include our popular Advent devotional, as well as a new kid-focused devotional that’s perfect for reading at the family dinner table with your children.

But we’ve also just launched three new Christmas devotions! All three of these devotionals are short, written with your busy holiday schedule in mind. They’re aimed at helping to reduce the stress and exhaustion of the holiday season. They are:

  • The Best is Yet to Be: Are the pressures and stresses of middle age weighing you down, especially amidst all the Christmas preparations? This two-week devotional is written for anyone who feels their life has hit a mid-life plateau, and is wondering what the second half of life holds.
  • The Case for Christ Devotional: Just who is Jesus Christ, and what do we know about him? Every day you’ll receive a question and answer about the man who defines the Christmas season.
  • Five Days of Hope: Beaten down by holiday stress? Find hope and peace in the midst of it all with this short devotional by Max Lucado. This five-day devotional will give you a reason to hope again.

Visit our Newsletters page to sign up for one or more of these devotionals.

Unlike our other Christmas devotionals, which run throughout most of Advent, these three devotionals were specifically written to be short, inspirational experiences that you can fit easily into your schedule. They each begin as soon as you sign up, and wrap up within 1-2 weeks, depending on the devotional.

So sign up today, and find some spiritual relief from the pressures and expectations of the holidays!

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