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Blog / Bible Gateway Logo Stylized by Word for Word Bible Comic Artist

Bible Gateway Logo Stylized by Word for Word Bible Comic Artist

Simon Amadeus PillarioSimon Amadeus Pillario (pen name) has a dream of creating a complete, word-for-word Bible comic in the graphic novel genre. He respects Scripture and wants to honor it by illustrating its grand storyline. For more information, read our interview with Pillario and learn how you can help him achieve his dream (quickly, because time is running out on his Kickstarter campaign).

Pillario (@WforWBibleComic) surprised us with this very cool rendition of the Bible Gateway logo, created using the graphic novel style.

Bible Gateway Logo Rendered by Simon Amadeus Pillario

On his blog he explains the context and thinking he put into it. Here’s a brief excerpt:

… the rounded door and key hole … match the logo. The ornate iron door braces … [are] crosses and vines [look closely], which the door “abides in;” these also represent both creation and redemption.

… the light the doorway lets through illuminates the words on the wall … highlights them … makes them clear and accessible/readable in the modern language (English used). The enlightened words are a basic computer/digital font linked to the fact it is a website.

… the Koine ancient Greek on the [left is] from the New Testament. The ancient Greek words do actually match the English.

… the door doesn’t just let through the light but also leads to a place in the presence of The Light (John 8:12).

Very cool! Thank you, Pillario.

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