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Blog / Just in Time for Lent: Our Easter Devotions Are Here

Just in Time for Lent: Our Easter Devotions Are Here

240px-RabulaGospelsCrucifixionLent is coming! The season of Lent—the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday—begins next week on Ash Wednesday, March 5.

Christians around the world, from many different theological traditions, observe Lent in a variety of ways. Some commit to daily Scripture meditation, devotional reading, or regular prayer. One common practice during Lent is to “give up” something you take for granted as an act of self-denial—and as a way to center our priorities around Jesus Christ.

Bible Gateway has a Lent tradition of its own: our Lent and Easter devotionals! However you choose to observe Lent this year, these email devotionals will help you stay focused on Jesus during the long journey to Easter:

  • Lent Devotions: An eclectic mix of Scripture readings, prayers, and reflections to help you focus your heart on Jesus Christ during the Easter season.
  • The Story of Jesus: Read through the entire life of Jesus Christ, beginning with his birth and culminating in his death and glorious resurrection.
  • Knowing Him: Contemplating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is one of the most important spiritual growth experiences you can have. In this short daily devotional, pastor Mel Lawrenz zooms in on the meaning of salvation in Jesus. (Begins on Sunday, March 30.)
  • Readings for Lent and Easter from The Voice: Daily Bible readings to help ground you in Scripture throughout Lent, drawn from The Voice Bible translation.

Sign up for these devotionals here. Most begin on Ash Wednesday, March 5.

Each of these devotionals takes a slightly different reflective approach to the Lent experience. Individually or collectively, they’ll give you something to think, pray, and reflect about as Easter approaches! And as Easter approaches, we’ll have a few additions to that list of Easter devotions, so keep an eye here on the blog.

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