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Blog / Journey to Easter With Our Lent Reading Plans and Devotionals

Journey to Easter With Our Lent Reading Plans and Devotionals

Easter is coming! Looking outside at a gray Midwestern sky and dirty piles of snow, it’s hard to imagine that spring and the promise of Easter are right around the corner. But on Ash Wednesday next week, we begin the official countdown to the most important day in the Christian calendar.

Lent—the season of reflection leading up to Easter—provides an excellent opportunity to embark on your own devotional journey. We think there’s no better time to renew your focus on Jesus Christ, and so Bible Gateway has put together several free devotional tools for Lent:

  • Read through the Gospels during Lent: Have you ever read through the entire story of Jesus’ life, ministry, and resurrection? This daily email Bible reading plan walks you through each of the four Gospel accounts. Whether you’ve read the Gospels a hundred times or have never experienced the story, this is a great way to get to know the Savior we celebrate at Easter.
  • Lent Devotions: Scripture readings, devotionals insights, and Easter prayers, sent several times a week to your inbox. These Easter devotional emails will keep you focused on Jesus throughout each week.
  • The Story of Jesus: Who was Jesus Christ, and what did he do? These daily Scripture readings will take you through every major event in Christ’s ministry, from his birth to his death and resurrection. By the time Easter Sunday arrives, you’ll have a complete picture of the person and significance of Jesus Christ.

Two of these newsletters—the Gospel reading plan and Lent Devotions—are returning from last year. The Story of Jesus is brand new for 2012. We’re excited to include it in our Lent resources because it reminds us that Jesus’ entire life and ministry, from the day of his birth in the famous Bethlehem stable, was pointed toward the miracle of Easter.

Each of these email newsletters is free and runs from Ash Wednesday [February 22] through Easter [April 8]. Take advantage of these devotional tools to help you keep your eyes on Easter—visit our Newsletter page to sign up now!

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