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Blog / Coming Soon: Lent Reading Plan

Coming Soon: Lent Reading Plan

Beginning on Ash Wednesday (Wednesday, February 25), the Bible Gateway will kick off a Lent reading plan that covers all four Gospels in 40 days. It works out to about 2-3 chapters a day, with a catch-up day every Sunday. The plan ends on the Saturday before Easter with 1 Corinthians 15, which eloquently summarizes the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection for the Christ-follower.

On Monday you’ll be able to sign up to receive the reading plan via RSS or iCal or bookmark the page. We’ll post more detailed instructions next week. Please pray about joining us, and pass the word along to your friends, family and churches.

Special thanks to Central Presbyterian Church of Baltimore for divvying up the Gospels and making the plan available for us to publish online.

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