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Blog / English Standard Version (ESV) Verse of the Day Now Available

English Standard Version (ESV) Verse of the Day Now Available

Our Verse of the Day email is now available in the English Standard Version (ESV)!

The Verse of the Day is a daily email that (you guessed it) includes a daily Bible verse. It’s available in a number of Bible translations, including the New International Version, Common English Bible, New Living Translation, and more. Now we’ve added the English Standard Version to the mix, so you can sign up to have the ESV Verse of the Day emailed to you each morning!

To sign up, just visit our newsletter sign-up page, click the button next to Verse of the Day, and then choose the ESV and up to four other Bible translations from the drop-down menus. If you choose more than one translation, your Verse of the Day email will include the daily verse in each translation you selected:

If you already subscribe to the Verse of the Day email and want to add the ESV to your daily email, scroll to the bottom of your Verse of the Day email and click the Manage Verse of the Day Preferences link. This will take you to a page where you can add or remove Bible translations, including the ESV.

If you’re not familiar with the ESV, it’s a popular and widely-used English Bible translation that renders the original Bible texts clearly and accurately without sacrificing readable, high quality English prose and poetry. The ESV is available online at, or you can find a print copy at the Bible Gateway Store.

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