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Blog / GOD’S WORD Translation Verse of the Day Now Available!

GOD’S WORD Translation Verse of the Day Now Available!

The Verse of the Day is now available in the GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)!

The Verse of the Day is—you guessed it—a daily Bible verse sent out via email each morning. You can sign up to receive the Verse of the Day in several different Bible versions, now including the GOD’S WORD Translation. (It’s on the right side of the signup page, listed with the other Verses of the Day.)

The GOD’S WORD Translation combines translation accuracy with modern, readable English, making it an extremely accessible Bible. As we noted when it was first added to our Bible library, the GOD’S WORD Translation strikes a balance between the “formal equivalence” and “functional equivalence” translation philosophies. (See the GOD’S WORD Translation website for more information about its guiding translation philosophy.)

We’re pleased to add the GOD’S WORD Translation Verse of the Day to our library of free email resources, and we’re grateful to its publisher for making it available on Bible Gateway. Sign up today!

Note: If you are already subscribed to one or more Verse of the Day emails, you can add the GW Verse of the Day (or switch your subscription from an existing Verse of the Day to the GW edition) by clicking on the Manage Subscriptions link at the very bottom of any Verse of the Day email. That will take you to a page where you can update your subscriptions.

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