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Blog / This Week’s Bookperk Offer: Mel Lawrenz’ “Spiritual Influence”

This Week’s Bookperk Offer: Mel Lawrenz’ “Spiritual Influence”

Did you know that Bible Gateway has a special weekly deal on a book from the Bible Gateway store?

It’s our Bookperk offer of the week, and if you aren’t signed up be notified about the new offer each week, visit our Bookperk page to sign up!

We’re mentioning it today because this week’s offer happens to be a new book from a name that is familiar to many Bible Gateway visitors: Mel Lawrenz—author, pastor, and the man behind the weekly “Everything New” email newsletter here at Bible Gateway.

The book is Spiritual Influence: The Hidden Power Behind Leadership. Spiritual Influence challenges anyone in a position of influence—and whether you’re a pastor of a huge church or just an average person in your neighborhood, you do influence those around you—to use that power to influence in a way that is both Biblical and responsible.

As this week’s Bookperk offer, Spiritual Influence is available for just $10.99 through next Tuesday, September 4. And as a special bonus, Mel is offering the companion DVD “Deepening Your Spiritual Influence” for free to anyone who buys Spiritual Influence. The DVD is particularly useful if you’re discussing the book in a class, book group, or other such setting.

Mel’s newest book and a free companion DVD—we think that’s a pretty good deal. Take a look! And if you’re interested in hearing about other weekly deals, sign up for our Bookperk alert email list and you’ll be the first to know.

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