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Blog / New devotional: “Everything New” by Mel Lawrenz

New devotional: “Everything New” by Mel Lawrenz

During the three weeks leading up to Resurrection Day, thousands of Bible Gateway visitors enjoyed “Knowing Him,” a daily Easter devotional written by author and pastor Mel Lawrenz. We’re pleased to announce that Mel has agreed to continue his partnership with Bible Gateway in the form of a new, once-a-week email devotional called Everything New!

In Revelation 21:5 Jesus says: “I am making everything new!”

Every person wants something to be new in his or her life. A new beginning. A fresh start. But how does Jesus make marriages new? Attitudes new? Relationships new? Jobs new? Families new? Hearts new?

How about churches made new? Workplaces made new? Culture made new?

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Mel on this new devotional project. If you’d like to receive this once-a-week devotional from Mel Lawrenz at the start of your week, sign up for the “Everything New” devotional here.

You can learn more about Mel and his ministry—as well as read the recent Easter devotionals he’s written—at The Brook Institute.

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