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Blog / The Bible in 100 Days (or 90, or 365, or…)

The Bible in 100 Days (or 90, or 365, or…)

We talk a lot at Bible Gateway about the value of reading through the entire Bible. And we’ve done our best to make reading plans and other tools available to make that task easier. But ultimately, everyone’s approach to reading through the Bible is going to be a bit different. Each of us has a different daily schedule, possesses a different level of knowledge about the Bible, and is drawn to different themes in Scripture.

All this to say: it’s fascinating to see how different people chart out their own journeys through the Bible. Currently I’m enjoying following along with The Bible in 100 Days, a Tumblr project by Craig Kanalley that aims to read 1% of the Bible every day for 100 days. (He’s currently 57% of the way through the Bible, and still on track—most impressive!)

If you want a Bible reading challenge similar to the one Kanalley has undertaken, our Bible in 90 Days reading plan restarts in just a few weeks (June 1). But regardless of the plan you follow (if you follow a plan at all), I hope you’ve found a way to read Scripture regularly that fits your own personal schedule and approach.

How would you read through the Bible?

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