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Blog / New Poll: On What Days Did You Go to Church Last Week?

New Poll: On What Days Did You Go to Church Last Week?

How common is it for Christians to have read the entire Bible? Wondering about that question led us to ask in our last poll How many times have you read the entire Bible? We were honestly unsure what the results would be. Here’s what the 2,000 respondents shared:

0 times: 40% (795 Votes)
5+ times: 18% (364 Votes)
1 time: 18% (353 Votes)
2 times: 12% (237 Votes)
3 times: 8% (162 Votes)
4 times: 4% (78 Votes)

That 40% of respondents haven’t read the entire Bible isn’t a big surprise—the Bible can be an intimidating read even for the most devout Christian, and the modern church continues to struggle to connect believers to Scripture. But what’s really interesting is the very high number of respondents (18%) who indicated they’d read the Bible five or more times! Apparently those of you who do make it through the Bible find it so rewarding that you repeat the process many times.

Whether you’ve never picked up a Bible or have read it countless times, there are few things as beneficial as reading your way through God’s Word. If you’d like to read through the Bible but aren’t sure where to start, we can help—take a look at our collection of Bible reading plans, available both online and via email. We won’t lie and say that it’s always easy, but if you have any doubt about whether it’s worth doing, just look at the poll results above—and note how many people, having read Scripture through once, turned around and did it again!

And now for our new poll this week: On what days did you physically go to your church last week? Whether you stopped by for a worship service, choir practice, committee meetings, or to debate theology with your pastor, check off the day(s) you made the journey to your local church.

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