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Blog / Verse of the Day on your desktop

Verse of the Day on your desktop

Last month, we pointed out a desktop search widget that lets Mac users search the Bible Gateway from their desktop. Here’s another nifty desktop tool for the Bible Gateway (this time for Windows)–a Google Gadget that displays the Verse of the Day on your desktop!

To use it, you’ll first need to install Google Desktop, following the instructions on the Google Desktop site. Once you’ve got Google Desktop set up, you can add Gadgets to it, including the Verse of the Day Gadget. Once the Gadget is installed, it will display the daily verse that appears on the Bible Gateway homepage.

Have fun! (And as with other third-party tools, note that the Verse of the Day Gadget wasn’t made and isn’t officially supported by the Bible Gateway, so use it at your own risk.) Thanks to Adam Faulker for creating this tool!

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