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All about the Verse of the Day

We get a lot of questions about the Verse of the Day feature on the Bible Gateway main page. Today, we’ll look at some common questions (and answers!):

Can I put the verse of the day on my website?
Yes, you can. The easiest way to do so is to plug a small chunk of HTML code into your website. We’ve put together a simple online tool that will generate the HTML code for your site, using the Bible version and language of your choice. Just select from a few options and paste the resulting code into your site!

The basic code should work for most sites, but if you’re familiar with HTML, feel free to play around with the Verse of the Day code to make it match your site better.

Is there a Verse of the Day RSS feed?
Yes, there is–it’s You can subscribe to that feed with an RSS reader, use it to display the Verse of the Day on a website, or other nifty RSS tricks.

Can I have the Verse of the Day emailed to me each day?
The Bible Gateway currently doesn’t send the Verse of the Day out via email. However, there are a number of free services that do. One such ministry is E-Word Today, which sends out a free daily email with a Scripture passage and links to classic Bible commentaries.

What else can I do with the Verse of the Day?
If you’re an advanced user and want to really play around with the Verse of the Day, we have made the Verse of the Day API available as a free webservice. This provides more options than the basic HTML code, but requires a bit more technical savvy.

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