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The Bible on your iPod

Want to read the Bible on your iPod? The folks at the ESV Bible Blog have come across two different ways to do that: A verse of the day for your iPod, which uses a special feed that formats a daily verse for display on an iPod screen an iPod-formatted ESV New Testament Both tools […]

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Verse of the Day on your desktop

Last month, we pointed out a desktop search widget that lets Mac users search the Bible Gateway from their desktop. Here’s another nifty desktop tool for the Bible Gateway (this time for Windows)–a Google Gadget that displays the Verse of the Day on your desktop! To use it, you’ll first need to install Google Desktop, […]

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Add a Bible toolbar to your browser

There are a lot of smart people out there making it easier for you to search the Bible Gateway right from your web browser. One particularly nice tool–available for those of you who use the Firefox web browser–is the Bible Toolbar, an easy-to-install Firefox addon that puts a handy Bible search bar right at the […]

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Put a Bible Gateway search widget on your desktop

If you’re a Mac user with the latest version of OS X, you may be familiar with Dashboard widgets–little applications that sit on your computer desktop designed to save you time by fetching information for you. (Learn more about Apple’s Dashboard widgets.) Some enterprising individuals have put together a Bible Gateway search widget, letting you […]

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Searching the Bible from your browser address bar

There are a number of good third-party tools and web browser plugins that make it easy to search the Bible Gateway. But if you use the Firefox web browser, there’s a way to do Bible searches right from your browser address bar, without installing any extra software! Doing so is easy–it involves bookmarking a Bible […]

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