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La Biblia de las Américas LBLA

Publisher: The Lockman Foundation

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Most Spanish-speaking Christians rely on one version of the Bible, the Reina Valera, which was first published in 1569, 42 years before the King James Version. In the absence of an exact, modern translation, many people are turning to paraphrases of God's Word. Recognizing the critical need for a highly accurate, contemporary translation of the Bible, The Lockman Foundation has produced La Biblia de las Américas(The Bible of the Americas).

This is a new translation of the Scriptures from the original languages. Completed in 1986 by a team of Latin American evangelical Bible scholars, La Biblia de las Américasis an original work translated from the Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek directly into modern Spanish. La Biblia de las Américas presents the Word of God in a clear and flowing style while strictly adhering to the Hebrew and Greek texts. Following the same principles of translation set for the NASB La Biblia de las Américas is understandable to the general public and also suitable for serious study.


Copyright Information

Permission To Quote

The text of La Biblia de las Americas® may be quoted and/or reprinted up to and inclusive of five hundred (500) verses without express written permission of The Lockman Foundation, providing the verses do not amount to a complete book of the Bible nor do the verses quoted account for more than 25% of the total work in which they are quoted.

Notice of copyright must appear on the title or copyright page of the work as follows:

"Scripture taken from LA BIBLIA DE LAS AMERICAS®, Copyright © 1986, 1995, 1997 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission."

Quotations and/or reprints in excess of the above limitations, or other permission requests, must be submitted online or directed to and approved in writing by The Lockman Foundation, PO Box 2279, La Habra, CA 90631, (714)879-3055.

Permiso Para Citar La Biblia De Las Americas

El texto de La Biblia de las Americas® puede ser citado y/o reimpreso hasta quinientos (500) versículos sin necesidad de tener permiso escrito de The Lockman Foundation, siempre que los versículos no constituyan un libro completo de la Biblia o que formen más del 25% del total de la obra en la cual son citados.

Una nota sobre los Derechos Reservados (Copyright) en la página en que se mencionan el título y los Derechos Reservados (Copyright) de la Obra que se publica, debe aparecer como sigue:

"Las citas bíblicas son tomadas de LA BIBLIA DE LAS AMERICAS © Copyright 1986, 1995, 1997 by The Lockman Foundation Usadas con permiso."

Las citas y/o reimpresíon que pasen las límitaciones mencionadas, u otros permisos especiales, deben ser solicitados y aprobados por escrito por The Lockman Foundation, PO Box 2279, La Habra, CA 90631, (714)879-3055. http://www.gospelcom.net/lockman/

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