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Verse of the Day HTML Code

Build HTML code that you can copy and paste in the HTML for your website. If you're happy with the defaults already in place, you can copy the code below or, if you'd like to customize, you can do so before copying.

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Below is the HTML code that you can copy and paste into the HTML for your own web page. Click here to preview the result of the code.

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<!-- alternative for no javascript -->
<iframe framespacing="0" frameborder="no" src="">View Verse of the Day</iframe>

Verse of the Day RSS Feed

The Bible Gateway verse of the day is available as an RSS feed. You can publish this feed on your site using tools available on the Web, or simply display it in your news reader.

Get the verse of the day RSS feed. (What is RSS?)

Verse of the Day Web Service

Verse of the Day is available as a free Web service from Bible Gateway. To use this service, please refer to our tutorial.


The badges below in various sizes are for your use on your blog, website, or emails. Click an image to copy it or copy its provided HTML code and paste that into your site's code.


Click to Study Scripture at Bible Gateway



Bible Gateway App

The award-winning and critically-acclaimed Bible Gateway App is free to download ( The images below are of the Bible Gateway App in use on a variety of devices.



Scanning the QR codes below with your mobile device takes you immediately to either the iTunes Store or Google Play where you can download the Bible Gateway App to your device. QR codes work best in print but can also work on screen. Copy-and-paste these codes into your blog, church bulletin, newsletters, etc.

Scan this QR Code with your mobile device to download the free Bible Gateway App for iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc.)
Scan this QR Code with your mobile device to download the free Bible Gateway App for iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc.).

Scan this QR Code with your mobile device to download the free Bible Gateway App for Android
Scan this QR Code with your mobile device to download the free Bible Gateway App for Android.

Bible Gateway Ref Tag Tool


Bible Gateway Widgets

By simply copying and pasting some HTML code into your HTML page you can have the form below on your website(s).

Form example:

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible
Include this form on your page

The HTML source code:

Copy the following code and paste it into the HTML for your web page.

<form action="">
<table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" style="border-color: #600;">
<tr><th style="background-color: #600; color:#fff; text-align: center; padding: 0 10px;">Lookup a word or passage in the Bible</th></tr>
<tr><td style="background-color: #fff; text-align: center; padding: 0 10px;">
<div style="margin-bottom: 0;">
<input style="margin:2px" type="text" name="quicksearch" /><br />
<input style="margin:2px" type="submit" value="Search" /><br />
<a href="" title="The Bible in multiple languages, versions, and formats">
<img src="" width="146" height="44" alt="" border="0" /></a><br />
<a href="">Include this form on your page</a><br />

Third Party Widgets

This section is to place links to widgets that have been created outside of Bible Gateway. Links do not imply endorsement.
WordPress Plugin: Bible Gateway VOTD
WordPress Plugin: Bible Gateway Links Shortcode
WordPress Plugin: Bible Verse Display
WordPress Plugin: Bible Gateway Reference Linking
Mac Dashboard Widget: Bible Gateway Search
Mac Dashboard Widget: Bible Gateway Search

Instructions to Link to Bible Gateway Verses

Linking Bible verses to If you use WordPress as your blog platform, you may want to use the independently developed WordPress plugins “Scripturizer” ( or “BibleGateway Links Shortcode” ( to link the Bible verses you use on your blog to their locations on, as per the BG² agreement.

Available for you to use on your blog is the Bible Gateway Bible Reference Tagging Tool (see above). This is a way for you to link back to Bible Gateway’s verses. Or manually link the references/verses you include in your posts. Here are the instructions:

  1. When you write within a blogpost a Bible reference (e.g., John 3:16) or a passage (e.g., John 3: 1-16) or a grouping (e.g., John 3: 1, 15-17, 19), open a new browser tab or window and go to
  2. On the top of our homepage, select your preferred Bible translation from the dropdown version box.
  3. Go back to your blogpost and copy the reference or passage or grouping as the examples above show.
  4. Go back to and paste what you’ve copied into the search box to the left of the version box.
  5. Click the Search button.
  6. The resulting page will display the verses for the Bible reference you pasted. Go up to the top URL browser bar; highlight and copy the URL.
  7. Go back to your blogpost. Highlight the text you want to link. Click your blog’s editing function that inserts links into your blogpost and paste the Bible reference search result URL into it.

Twitter & Facebook Streams and Sample Tweets & Posts

Use the following code to embed the Bible Gateway Twitter stream on your website (by default the widget will fit the width of its parent element in the page you're embedding it. For example, if you paste your embed code in a div that's 300px wide, the timeline itself will be 300px wide):

Use the code below to embed the Bible Gateway Facebook feed on your website:

You can adjust the following attributes in the above code:
* width - the width of the plugin in pixels.
* height - the height of the plugin in pixels.
* show_faces - specifies whether to display profile photos in the plugin


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Add Bible Gateway to Your Google Toolbar

If you use Internet Explorer as your Web browser, you may want to download the Google Toolbar (Google Toolbar Help Center) and add button links to your favorite websites to more quickly visit them.

To add Bible Gateway, go to and right click in the top Search box. On the menu that appears, click "Generate Custom Search...".

Click to enlarge the screenshot image

The Google Toolbar Custom Button Generator will appear; click "Add".

Click to enlarge the screenshot image

The Bible Gateway button is now added to your Google Toolbar; click it every time you'd like to quickly use Bible Gateway to search, read, study, compare, and share the Bible online.

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