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Singing Scripture Resources

Websites and Apps

The Bible Song - All Scripture Hymnal
The entire New Testament, chapter by chapter, in singable fashion.

Living Water: Experience Scripture
World-class musicians who combine film-score quality music with word-for-word singing of Scripture.

Sons of Korah
Sons of Korah is a band out of Australia that sings exclusively from the book of Psalms. These excellent musicians have thoughtfully and skillfully brought a large variety of psalms to life in a number of albums. Additionally, their website offers study materials about the book of Psalms, terminology used in various psalms, and a helpful commentary on each of the psalms they sing. These resources add depth to your meditation as you follow along with their music. Examples of their music are available on their website.

Scripture Memory Songs—Bible Gateway Store
The Bible Gateway Store has hundreds of Scripture memory songs available under the category of “Scripture Memory Songs.” This is a fantastic resource to find specific passages set to music by a wide variety of musicians.

“Singing Scripture: A Healthy Revival” by Bert Polman
In this article, Polman tracks the history of how the church has utilized the singing of Scripture. He then looks at how and why the singing of Scripture has had a resurgence in the Western church and the benefits of it. He ends the article with resources that are helpful for singing Scripture on one’s own time.

“Why Singing Scripture is Really Good for You” by Aaron Armstrong
Armstrong’s concise explanation of the importance of singing Scripture is just the quick fix your spirit needs to be convinced of the richness in this way of engaging with Scripture. Armstrong gives scriptural and theological backing to his claims and wastes no time getting to the heart of the matter.

Scripture Singer
Scripture Singer is an app that contains over 250 Scripture songs that can played wherever and whenever. This is a vital resource for those who want to immerse themselves in God’s Word in any context and invite others to do the same.

Psallosis a contemporary worship band that has already set the entire books of Jude, Romans, and Hebrews to a creative worship experience. Their long-term goal is to create all of the rest of the 21 New Testament epistles in a worship album format as well. Their music is a great resource for memorizing and singing Scripture in solitude and in communion with brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sing the Word
The Sing the Word website offers eight albums that are all centered around singing verses or passages of Scripture. Some albums are targeted to younger audiences while others are for adults. The songs usually consist of the words of a verse or small passage sung to a simple melody that closes with the verse citation.


Deeper Places: Experiencing God in the Psalms by Matthew Jacoby
Matthew Jacoby is a teaching pastor who has a doctorate in philosophical theology and is the lead singer in Sons of Korah (see above). His book Deeper Places is a strong instructional tool about the book of Psalms, exploring its purpose and use in our spiritual lives. He believes that the book of Psalms was given to us to help us have personal encounters with God. Jacoby’s book is an insightful look into both how we tend to relate to God and how we should relate to him. Jacoby uses the book of Psalms as a tutor for what authentic spirituality looks like.

Singing the Scriptures: How All Believers Can Experience Breakthrough, Hope and Healing by Julie Meyer
Julie Meyer is a Dove-nominated artist and worship leader who has been teaching people how to sing the Scriptures for many years. Along with her book, she also has available numerous online video training sessions that coordinate with the chapters of this book.


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