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Public Reading of Scripture Resources


Devoted to the Public Reading of Scripture by Scott Newling
Newling’s essay is a brief but compelling argument for the necessity of public Scripture reading as a regular portion of weekly church services.

Helps for Reading Scripture in Worship
This site is a basic guide to public Scripture reading that is easily accessible to anyone.

Public Reading of Scripture – The Bible Project
This video makes the concept of the public reading of Scripture easy to understand. In three and a half minutes, the creators of the Bible Project explain the basics of the public reading of Scripture and its importance throughout the iblical narrative.

Don’t Just Read Alone by Brian J. Wright
Wright’s article is a succinct but effective explanation of the practice of publicly reading Scripture. He provides a biblical foundation as well as personal experience and other scriptural evidences of the fruit produced in one’s life from this way of engaging of Scripture. Finally, he offers practical ways of publicly reading Scripture in the context of the church as well as the home.

Ten Tips for Reading Scripture in Public Worship by Joan Huyser-Honig
This article provides helpful tips for those who have been asked to read Scripture publicly. The author gives a variety of suggestions that vary from reading children’s books aloud as practice to making sure you are pausing at the correct parts of the Scripture reading.

Public Reading of Scripture App
The Public Reading of Scripture App has been developed to encourage people to gather in small groups to read aloud and hear Scripture in an immersive experience. The app provides a multitude of tools including built-in reading plans, Bible Project videos that help to explain the reading, and an audio drama Bible.

Bible Speak
How do you pronounce “Ephrathites”? Bible Speak can help with that! This tool contains audio recordings of Bible words and names that are tricky to pronounce. All of the words and names are alphabetized and searchable for quick access, which makes this a great tool for preparing for a public reading of Scripture.


Unleashing the Word by Max McLean and Warren Bird
Author and pastor Max McLean is passionate about the art and ministry of public Scripture reading. In Unleashing the Word and its accompanying DVD, he advocates for churches to develop a talented and trained Bible reading team that is focused on sharing their gifts with others through the public reading of Scripture. McLean emphasizes seeking out and developing gifts in readers, the importance of personal devotion and study in readers, and the act of service done when reading the Bible aloud. The DVD contains great demonstrations and analyses of engaging Scripture readings and many practical tips for preparation and delivery.

Devote Yourself to the Public Reading of Scripture by Jeffery Arthurs
Arthurs believes the Bible was meant to be heard, not just read. Even when the words of Scripture were first being penned, the common practice was to read aloud even when just reading to oneself. Arthurs strongly promotes bringing back the historic tradition of taking public reading of Scripture seriously. Through his book and accompanying DVD, readers can learn the history of the public reading of Scripture, develop some practical reading and public speaking skills, and discover creative methods for integrating public reading into church services. The DVD contains example presentations, including group readings, that provide a unique experience of Scripture.

The Public Reading of Scripture: A Handbook by Clayton J. Schmit
Anyone looking for a well-organized, easy-to-read handbook that can be passed on to new Scripture readers will deeply appreciate Public Reading of Scripture: A Handbook. Schmit desires to equip talented church members with the skills they need to add powerful oral interpretation to their Scripture readings. A special feature at the end of each chapter is a discussion guide and list of suggested activities to be used by an individual or group.

Beyond the Lectionary by David Ackerman
In Beyond the Lectionary, David Ackerman provides his own version of a lectionary (a collection of Bible readings designated for use on occasions of worship that follow the church calendar). Ackerman has modified the Revised Common Lectionary into what he considers to be a better fit for these modern times. For each set of readings, Ackerman gives a short overview of each passage of Scripture and an accompanying prayer to close the readings.

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