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The Picture It Method—Resources


Journey with Jesus: Discovering the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius by Larry Warner
This book provides a helpful guide for going through the Picture It method with the goal of focusing on Jesus and growing in his likeness. It spends a significant amount of time preparing and explaining the purpose of this method. This book is recommended by Dallas Willard.

Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry
by Jeannie Oestreicher & Larry Warner This is a practical book for those in youth ministry or for parents of teens to help their students read through Scripture in a meaningful way using Picture It practices. It includes 80 imaginative prayer exercises.

The Fire of the Word: Meeting God on Holy Ground by Chris Webb Chris Webb, who has been deeply impacted by the Picture It method, discusses this Scripture engagement practice specifically in chapter 9 of this book. He tells his story and then explains the history of the exercises, the rationale behind them, and their benefit. This is a very strong and clear resource on the Picture It method. This book is recommended by Richard Foster.

The Ignatian Adventure: Experiencing the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius in Daily Life by Kevin O’Brien
This book provides a guide for those who wish to experience more of the Ignatian (Picture It) method. It serves as a kind of modern-day version of St. Ignatius’s spiritual exercises. The book can be used individually or by those who wish to do retreats. It includes a brief history of St. Ignatius and 32 weeks of guided prayer.


“What does it mean to live in the Bible?”
This article in Christianity Today by Chris Webb (based on chapter 9 in his book, The Fire of the Word, noted above) is a helpful introduction to the Picture It practice of engaging Scripture.

“Pray As You Go—Daily Prayer” App
“Pray as You Go—Daily Prayer” is a daily framework for prayer based on the Picture It method. Each daily prayer lasts between ten and thirteen minutes and combines music, Scripture, and questions for reflection. It is designed for use on portable devices (get it on Google Play or the App Store) to help you pray whenever you find time, but particularly while traveling to and from work, etc.

“Ignation Contemplation: How to Read the Bible with Your Imagination” by Christina Miller
This blog post is an introduction to the Ignation (Picture It) method. The post begins with a story, briefly addresses the history of the method, and then gives step-by-step instructions for practicing the method.

Ignation Method of Prayer
This website is a good resource to be introduced to the Ignatian (Picture It) method of Scripture engagment. Helpful practice passages and guiding questions are provided.

Praying the Ignatian Way
This webpage provides a simple step-by step outline of the Ignatian (Picture It) method of engaging Scripture.

Faith Practice—Ignation Contemplation
This worksheet is designed for leading a group through the Ignatian (Picture It) method use using John 5:2-9 (the story of the paralyzed man who was healed).

Imagination and the Word of God
This website gives an explanation as to why the use of a “sanctified imagination,” as used in the Picture It Scripture engagement method, is important in our spiritual lives.

The Calming of the Storm by Sue Wallace
This is a lesson plan produced by Scripture Union that uses the Picture It method (they call it Bible Meditation) on Mark 4:35-41 where Jesus calms the storm. It is a helpful example of how the Picture It method can be used in a Bible lesson. 

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