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Manuscript Bible Study Resources

This site explains the process of Manuscript Bible Study, giving access to many resources including discussions on the process of Inductive Bible Study, how to do Manuscript Bible Study in a group, and a 40-minute video that shows a sample session led by Paul Byer, the creator of the Manuscript Bible Study system.

InterVarsity’s Manuscript Bible Study Guide
InterVarsity’s guide provides a short and helpful walk-through of a Manuscript Bible Study.

Meeting Jesus - Manuscript Study
This resource from the Scottish Bible Society offers two PDF files that provide sample manuscript studies for leaders in small group settings and for personal study as well.

Manuscript Bible Study
This video, made by the Scottish Bible Study, gives a quick “how-to” rundown of a Manuscript Bible Study. The video provides engaging visuals and helpful tips and guides toward making your own Manuscript Study of the Bible a fruitful experience.

How to Do a Bible Manuscript Study – by Cholee Clay
This short article gives a simple breakdown of how to do a Manuscript Bible Study in a small group. Clay provides her own personal spin on it and even gives suggestions for good passages of Scripture to do this study with.

Communal Discovery Bible Study
This resource, from the Conservative Mennonite Conference, gives a brief overview of why a Manuscript Bible Study is best done in a group of people. It also gives strengths and possible weaknesses of this way of engaging with Scripture.


Transforming Bible Study: Understanding God’s Word Like You’ve Never Read It Before by Bob Grahmann
Grahmann’s book is a practical description of how to do a Manuscript Bible Study in a small group. The author is able to convey both his passion for Manuscript Bible Study while at the same time giving clear step-by-step instructions for the leader.

The Bible Study Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to an Essential Practice by Lindsay Olesberg
The Manuscript Bible Study method is built on the widely used inductive Bible study method (observe, interpret, apply). Olesberg’s book is crystal clear in how these two methods work together. Her book lays a strong foundation for the need to engage Scripture, and she describes the attitude and the processes/tools needed to properly study the Bible inductively.


Creating Your Own Manuscript
You can develop your own manuscript right here using the Bible Gateway Passage Lookup page

  • Type the passage you want to make into a manuscript into the “Enter passage(s)” box.
  • Select the version you want to manuscript.
  • Under “Options,” hide the footnotes and cross-references, then click on “Lookup Passage.”
  • After that is done, copy and paste the text into a word processor.
  • You may or may not want to remove the paragraphing and line breaks.

To find directions for how to add line numbers to your manuscript, type “How to Add Line Numbers to Your Document” on your computer browser search engine and you’ll quickly find resources that work with your specific word processing system.

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