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Journaling Scripture Resources


Journaling Bibles
Bibles published specifically to enhance Scripture journaling provide large margins so readers have room to write observations, reflections, and prayers as they read. These Bibles are great for journaling side-by-side with Scripture.

Bible journaling has also branched into the realm of stamps, stickers, and a variety of other craft supplies that can aid in Scripture engagement. While Bible journaling is not simply about making Bibles pretty, stamps, stickers, and words that we write elegantly in the margins can help remind us of what we felt when we read the passage. If you would like to put art in your journal, it may be helpful to buy a journal that does not contain lines. Materials for creative Bible journaling can be purchased at many craft stores.

A large number and variety of journals are available that can be used for Scripture journaling.

How to Bible Journal
This website provides an overview of journaling Scripture for spiritual transformation. It pays special attention to artistic journaling and journaling as prayer.

SOAP Method
The SOAP method is simple and accessible. A four-step process guides users through reading Scripture, journaling about Observations, planning for Application, and Praying. Journaling beginners of almost any age will find the SOAP method helpful.

Why Does John Piper Journal?
This podcast is an interview in which Piper describes the necessity of his prolific journal writings. His journals are a place where he sorts out his thoughts and feelings so that he can obey God’s commands and glorify him.

GotQuestions: What value is there in Christian journaling?
This website offers a quick overview of different ways to journal for spiritual growth.

Penzu Online Journal
Penzu is a journal that can be accessed online or through an app on your phone. It is completely private and allows users to create as many journals as they want. If you are journaling through the Bible and using Penzu, you can have different journals for different genres or books if you want. Penzu is free and very convenient for those who may not always carry a journal with them.

Teaching Kids Journaling
In this online article, Tina Houser gives helpful insight into the benefits of journaling for children as well as practical information parents can use to help their children start journaling.


Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney
In chapter 11 (“Journaling”), Whitney provides a compelling and informative introduction to journaling. This accessible chapter also provides journaling examples from well-known Christian heroes of the faith and biblical role models, such as David and Jeremiah. Practical advice for those wishing to begin journaling is provided toward the end of the chapter. This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the spiritual discipline of journaling.

Journal Keeping: Writing for Spiritual Growth by Luann Budd
Budd takes readers through every step of journaling, providing practical information for interacting with Scripture. The author’s recommendations consider people of different personalities. Anyone with a desire to grow closer to Christ through Scripture journaling will find helpful ideas and encouragement in this book.

How to Keep a Spiritual Journal by Ron Klug
Klug’s book is a comprehensive study of journaling that covers topics from what sort of journal to choose to a thorough rationale for the benefits of journaling as well as practical tips for journaling both for spiritual well-being and Scripture engagement. A source respected by many current writers on journaling, How to Keep a Spiritual Journal remains an authority on Christian journaling. This resource is highly recommended for anyone interested in beginning a spiritual journal.

The Divine Mentor: Growing Your Faith as You Sit at the Feet of the Savior by Wayne Cordeiro
Cordeiro shares his journey through the Scriptures with his congregation as they get to know our Savior through journaling and sharing together. He includes detailed information about the SOAP method (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer), a year-long reading plan, and sample journalings. The book is inspirational as he shares testimonies of how the Lord used this discipline to grow people’s ability to hear the voice of God through Scripture, turning a discipline into a delight.

Journaling: A Spiritual Journey by Anne Broyles
Broyles’s book is a good resource for those looking to begin journaling as a spiritual practice. It gives insight into how to engage with Scripture through journaling and gives a larger picture of what journaling as a spiritual discipline can look like. Broyles also provides exercises and examples that give a basic framework of the process and are also a helpful starting place for beginners.

My Bible Journal by Mary Davis
My Bible Journal is a resource for older children and preteens. This workbook teaches children what sort of questions to ask as they read the Bible. It focuses directly on Scripture while guiding students through the journaling process. This study would be invaluable to a young student who is just beginning to journal.

Illuminate: Prayer Journal by CJ & Shelley Hitz
This book is set up as a 30-day directed prayer journal to help “lead you into a deeper intimacy with God.” The authors encourage the reader/writer to be reading the Bible and listening for the voice of God. Space is available to record gratitude, praise and worship, and prayers of intercession as well as what the reader senses the Holy Spirit saying through Scripture.

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