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Hand Copying Scripture Resources


Journibles are journals/notebooks specifically designed for hand copying Scriptures. The exact amount of room for hand copying is provided, and there is also space for personal notes. Though Scriptures can be copied to any piece of paper, it is especially nice to have a notebook specifically designed for the process—something that can be easily stored and will keep well for future use.

The Journibles website is a good source of information on hand copying Scripture for multiple types of ministry: small groups, personal devotions, youth groups, and family devotions. The website is an excellent resource for understanding the value of hand copying Scripture and for ideas on how to begin practicing this discipline for both individuals and groups.

7 Benefits of Hand Copying Scripture that Improve Your Spiritual Life by Michael Christian
Christian gives a concise case for the importance of hand copying Scripture. He explains how this method of engaging Scripture is a way of expressing our love to God and improves our minds. This is a solid resource to encourage you to start this practice.

Handwriting the Bible by Dr. Dillon Burroughs
Dr. Burroughs provides his personal experience with hand copying Scripture and shares the experiences of others who do it across the world. He also gives practical steps toward making this a consistent practice. This is a great article to read for those who are starters in hand copying Scripture.

Hand Copying God’s Word
This blog post is very helpful for the beginner of hand copying Scripture. The blogger provides tips for how to start small by copying verses and chapters and then moving on to copying whole books. It also gives a link to purchase a Scripture hand copying schedule that you can follow as well.

Scripture Copying  by Sharon Warkentin Short
What makes this source helpful and distinct is that Short gleaned over the various articles and blog posts on hand copying Scripture and summarized the main ideas she gathered from her study. Short then goes on to share how she personally practices this discipline and provides a multitude of resources she either referenced or studied.

Transcribing the Entire Bible: Pen and Paper Recommendations
This article gives suggestions for the best materials on the market to use for the art of copying Scripture. This is a valuable resource for those who find it to be necessary to use high quality materials for this way of engaging with Scripture.

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